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Now that established Z Nation fans have found their way midway through the fourth season, it’s time to let all of you non-Z fans in on a little secret. You are missing out on what may possibly be the most well thought out zombie apocalypse show ever to be produced, and while it’s gotten mixed reviews since the beginning, now is the time to hop on the Z train and check it out for yourself.  


For those who may be a little reluctant to sit down and binge watch the first three seasons and the first half of season four before the next episode is broadcast, here are a few reasons you should rethink your apocalyptic hesitation and start watching right now. If you’re already a fan, you know how true these are.


The Writers

Without a great team of writers, a show will stop dead in its tracks before it ever airs. Some shows have a decent writing crew, but they fail to be able to engage the viewers longer than a season or two and when ratings drop, and fans lose interest in watching, shows will cease to continue.


Z Nation had, and still maintains plenty of mixed reviews but something that no one can claim is that the writing team has not been consistent with keeping the storyline interesting throughout the entire show thus far. They somehow have managed to not write just another typical zombie apocalypse show with the same redundant cast fighting their way from one city to the next in hopes of finding the one safe place on the planet, but they have been able to delve deep into the psyche of the beloved characters from one show to the next.


 Not only that, but they have the freshest ideas in the apocalyptic television realm for creating some unique zombies and best of all, they keep things real when it comes to utilizing technology and other means of communication amongst the end of the world survivors.  As each show is aired, it seems that the writers get more involved in the Z Nation immersion and it shows in the writing.



Without the great writing team, Z Nation wouldn’t have the outstanding characters that the fans have fallen in love with. This show has had one of the most diverse casts seen in a zombie show, or quite honestly, in many genres of shows aired on television. From a beautiful apocalyptic blonde warrior, Roberta Warren played by actress Kellita Smith, to a hippy, pot smoking doctor, Doc, played by actor Russell Hodgkinson, you will find the characters down to earth while at the same time, intriguing.


While many love the warriors or the hilarity of Doc from one show to the next, others have fallen for characters like Murphy, played by Keith Allen or Lucy his blue faced and rapidly aging three-year old who has aged to nearly middle age in just a season. We also have 10K, a sharpshooting 19-year old and Addy, a young woman who has been thru hell and back and continues to battle her way across the nation like the warrior that she is.  



We’ve all watched zombie shows that were downright terrifying or extremely sad or dramatic, but how many can you say you’ve taken time to watch that not only had the terror and drama, but were able to incorporate humor into each episode in such a brilliant way that fans could laugh at one scene and be downright mad or even cry with the very next.


While the mere sight of a zombie on a television show may give some people a scare, and while the zombies on Z Nation do look horrific, the humor and wit that exudes scene after scene will keep you coming back for more week after week. You never know when a zombie will silently walk, or in some cases run or crawl and attack a cast member or when one will enter a scene and start to sway to some horribly recorded bluegrass song playing in the distance.



All zombie shows have weapons that are used to kill the zombies, or other humans. Z Nation has had some incredible weapons ranging from Addy’s spiked baseball bat known as a Z-whacker to 10K’s numerous guns. We’ve even seen zombies killed by a bell, a gigantic wheel of cheese, a huge rolling ball of zombies and even a UFO. You never know what will be used in this show to kill off the bad ones, or even the good guys.


It’s Not Every Other Zombie Show

Z Nation is action packed in every episode and unlike other shows of the zombie caliber, this crew stays focused on moving forward and never lingering. Shows including The Walking Dead, which has been highly popular since it debuted in 2009, tend to linger in dramatic moments and it can cause the show to move a little slower than some fans want it to. Sure, the show is great, and millions watch it week after week, but Z Nation is a completely different kind of zombie show and when fans can watch a zombie show and laugh off and on throughout an episode and end a show with a good ugly cry, it is worth watching.


Overall, Z Nation is an excellent show and I recommend it to any zombie fan who wants a different show to watch. Once you start watching, you won’t want to stop.


Be sure to pull up the first three seasons during a Z Nation binge fest this weekend and get caught up. The show airs every Friday night on the SyFy Channel at 9:00 EST.


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If you love Z Nation, let us know below who your favorite characters are and why you think people should watch the show! 



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2 thoughts on “Top Reasons To Watch Z Nation

  1. Thank You for that well-written, on point article about this delightful series!!! I can’t get enough of it! I have tried converting my fellow couch potatoes and bingers to partake in one of the best tv shows I’ve ever watched. But everyone loses interest when I mention zombies. Ok, so I don’t run with the syfy crowd…my friends and family all have their own genres and tastes. They just don’t know what they’re missing. I’m hoping to see Addie in the next episode or so. I am concerned that she’s not in this season at all. I hated to say goodbye to Lucy!! I’m also eagerly anticipating the reunion/explanation of the missing heroes. Thanks for taking time to read my “fan” email!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Wendy! Losing Lucy was so unexpected and abrupt (as well as sad) and we miss seeing her on the show. It would be great to see Addy soon and we’ve definitely missed her this season! We agree that this is one of the best shows ever and like everyone else, we can’t wait to see how things continue! Sometimes even those who aren’t zombie fans can be swayed, so keep trying to get your friends to watch. They’ll wish they had watched sooner once they begin watching. 🙂

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