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Zana The Brave Official Release

Zana the Brave

Warren, Ohio, native releases anti-bullying children’s picture storybook

WARREN, Ohio, February 5, 2019.  For months now, the internet has been chattering about the anticipated release of the anti-bullying children’s book, Zana the Brave.

 Written by Warren, Ohio, native, La Tasha K. Mason (pseudonym: L. K. Mason), Zana the Brave is the first in a series of children’s books, which captures the adventures of a bright little girl who uses creative and curious methods to combat bullying and fat shaming. This first book introduces children to our series’ main character, Zana, and reveals how she earned her cape and the title, Zana the Brave.  The book’s rhyming sequences makes Zana’s powerful accounts detailing her experiences easy and compelling to read. 

Later books in the series will gradually familiarize children to Zana’s closest friends and members of The Brave Team.  Facing their own struggles with being accepted for who they are, The Brave Team comes together with Zana to put an end to bullying at Voltron Elementary School.

Much like the main character of her book, L. K. Mason experienced being bullied as a child.  In fact, the story borrows from her childhood.  She felt it was important to write this book because she grew tired of seeing headlines of school shootings and teen suicides where in many of these cases, the root of the problem led back to bullying.  Her love for writing and being gifted at it made writing this book a natural choice.  She’d had the opportunity to dabble in this level of writing when she was tapped by singer and actor, Tyrese Gibson, to work alongside him and Chris Morrow on his New York Times best-selling book, Manology, co-authored with Rev Run.  Working with such an accomplished writer as Mr. Morrow and being mentored by him sparked something in her that never turned off. 

“As someone who endured bullying at an early age, I thought it was important to write Zana the Brave so that children understand they are not alone.  I also wanted adults, especially parents and teachers to understand what goes on behind the scenes when a child continues being bullied even after he/she reports it,” says L. K. Mason.

A focus group of children ages 9 thru 12 yielded rave reviews of Zana the Brave and opened dialogue about experiences of children personally being bullied or witnessing other children be bullied.  They shared heartbreaking stories of kids their age considering suicide and stories of friends cutting themselves.  Mason continues, “Though I was glad Zana the Brave was a vehicle for opening the discussion about bullying, it broke my heart that these babies were witnessing such sadness.  And there have been recent reports of children nine and ten years-old committing suicide as a result of being bullied.  It’s time to stop sugarcoating the topic of bullying.  The impact it’s having on young lives is too tragic.  Because what they are experiencing is real, it’s time to be real with our youth and that’s exactly what Zana the Brave does.

”Paulette Edington, Executive Director of Trumbull Family Fitness which has numerous youth programs, posted a review of the book on the Zana the Brave official Facebook page, “I am asking all of my friends to please purchase this book. We are living in a world where our children are not willing or unable to express themselves when being treated with disrespect by classmates. This book speaks from the heart and emotion of a child and how she stood tall. This world is growing more and more divisive, cruel and narcissistic. Let’s help Zana the Brave spread the word and stop bullying 1 word, 1 act, 1 laugh, 1 look. 1 child at a time.

Zana the Brave is available in paperback on Amazon.com.  To learn more about Zana the Brave and purchase a hardcover copy of the book, go to www.zanathebrave.com.  Follow the official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @zanathebrave. For media and press inquiries, please send an email to info@zanathebrave.com.

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