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The Importance of Having a Workout Buddy

For many people, the thought of starting a workout routine and working to get in shape seems a little frightening. Just the thought of walking into a gym can be scary to someone who hasn’t been in a gym in years, if ever. Finding a good workout buddy can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to reaching the goals you may have for your health and fitness.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or a few inches or you want to build some muscle or gain some weight, the buddy system at the gym can help ensure your long-term fitness goals are more attainable that if you work out alone. Motivation is something that many people lack, or just don’t have much of, and a buddy can help boost that motivation and help you really stick to your workout plans. There are quite a few ways that having a workout buddy can help you reach the goals you set for fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Make Sure Gym Time Doesn’t Drag By

Occasionally, spending time at the gym can seem like time is standing still. When you are alone, you may watch the clock like a hawk and silently wish the hands would speed up so you can leave. It can make working out seem like a chore instead of something beneficial and many people have quit their training because they become bored. If you need to train for an hour, that hour will go by much quicker when you have someone to share the time with. Gym buddied give you someone to not only work out with, but someone to chat with about life, new movies, health and other things that you both have in common that can really make your workouts a fun time and something to really look forward to.


Motivation to Keep Coming Back

When you are going to the gym alone, it’s easy to stop going. No one else will be hurt by your choice to quit and the only one who will know is you. You may be interested in knowing that most people wind up quitting altogether when they start skipping one day at a time. It’s just so easy to get out of the habit of going when you have no one to hold you accountable. When you have a workout buddy, you have a valid reason to get to the gym when you are supposed to be there and someone who will be able to hold you accountable if you miss. When you miss a day at the gym, you are not only hurting your own fitness goals, but you will also be hurting your workout buddy’s goals as well. No one wants to disappoint another person!


See Yourself in a New Light

It’s easy to look in the mirror and see only what you want to see. For many people, they only see the negative image that they create in their own mind. So, your tummy bulges a little or your rear end needs a little toning, this is no reason to feel gloomy or see yourself in a negative light. You may be so focused on the few small parts of your body that you want to improve and at the same time, you’re probably missing out on the great things about you that others notice immediately. A workout buddy is someone who will not only going to show up and work out for an hour, but they are also a new friend who will notice those great qualities about you that you may be overlooking. Your workout buddy is going to be the first person that notices how much you are improving physically, and the first one to tell you about it.


Someone to Celebrate With

When you train alone and lose a few pounds or a couple inches after working hard to achieve your goals, it can feel lonely to have to celebrate all alone. When you have a workout buddy, you have someone who can make your celebration and achievement a great deal of fun. Even if they just pat you on the back and tell you how awesome it is that you reached a goal, those words of encouragement can go a long way. Working together to reach mutual fitness goals is a great way to encourage one another and really reach the fitness goals that matter. Your workout buddy is not only there for you, but you are also there for them and together, you can work on your fitness goals and celebrate your achievements together.


It may take time to find the perfect workout buddy and some people go through a few before they find the right one. When you do find that special person to spend time working out with, be sure to stick with them and stay focused on your long-term health and fitness goals.

Do you have a workout buddy? If so, what do you think are the most important aspects of having someone to workout with?

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