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Where to Spend the Most Time Decorating This Summer

When summer comes along each year it feels like a chance to relax and restart. That makes it the perfect season to think about redecorating your home to make it a more inviting and beautiful place. Choosing where to start can be a challenge, but if you do it right, your home can be the cutest on the block by the time fall comes around.

The Living Room

For most people the living room is where they spend a lot of time with their guests. That makes it an ideal place to focus your time and attention when you are decorating your home. According to Wayfair, you want living room furniture that is comfortable and easy to keep looking nice. It’s a good idea to choose a color scheme and keep it going through your accessories and art in the room. Think about how you use the space and try to decorate it in a way that complements that use and makes you excited to bring guests into your space.

Your Bedroom

While guests are unlikely to see much of your bedroom, it is a space where you spend a lot of your time. When it comes down to it, your home is for you, so your bedroom should be a comfortable and beautiful space. According to Pierce Design + Build, your bedroom should be the room that most fits with your own personality and style. Since you spend a lot of time sleeping in your bedroom you should decorate it in a way that promotes peace and comfort for you. Find a good balance between making your bedroom feel like you and making it a comfortable place to sleep at night.

Your Guest Bathroom

Much like your living room, the guest bathroom gets a lot of foot traffic. According to SheKnows, you should take time to create a comforting and clean vibe for your guest bathroom. It is also a good idea to make sure that your guest bathroom is easy to clean and is decorated in a tasteful way. Choosing the colors for your bathroom is a good place to start and can help you to choose good pieces that complement the overall style of the bathroom.

Decorating your home gives you the opportunity to give your space new life and make it even more comfortable. By prioritizing these three rooms you can ensure that your home is comfortable for guests and for yourself. Make sure to choose decorations that you like and that make you happy when you see them.

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