When Your Workplace Needs to Be Extra Aware of Safety

Workplace safety is incredibly important for a healthy business. If employees are not practicing safe habits, you run the risk of workplace injuries. Not only will this slow down your work pace, but you can also be held liable for the injuries. You may end up losing a lot of money to compensation. Even if you don’t have injuries, you will have a toxic atmosphere. Employees don’t generally have good feelings towards their employers when they feel like conditions are unsafe.

Using Flammable Material

Whenever you are working around flammable materials, you need to exercise extreme caution. This is especially true of chemicals. Some flammable chemicals are extremely volatile. This means that they easily evaporate at room temperature. The evaporated chemical can then drift away from its container and start a fire if it comes in contact with a source of heat. For this reason, it is important that you work in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that you don’t allow workers to smoke nearby and remove any sources of heat from the area. Once you are done, make sure everything is stored properly and waste is disposed of in a fire-safe container.

Around Machinery

Many workplace injuries occur because machinery is operated unsafely. Make sure that only authorized personnel are using machinery. You should require that everyone completes a training course before they are granted permission to use a machine. For stationary machinery, you should have lines that prohibit people from entering the surrounding area if they are not the operator. For mobile machinery, you should have workplace guidelines about not approaching the machine while it is in motion. If you need to repair or retune a machine, make sure that it is shut off and disconnected from a power source before performing maintenance. A special tag can be placed on a machine to prevent it from being energized when employees are working on it.

Heavy Lifting

Back injuries are some of the most common injuries in the workplace. They can occur due to improper lifting or due to poor support on uncomfortable chairs. Talk to your employees about the importance of proper lifting. Tell employees that they should not attempt to personally lift an item over 50 lbs. They should either get help, or they should use a lifting device. If you notice someone lifting unsafely, remind them to do it properly.

While safety measures may appear extreme, they aren’t. Ask anyone that has been injured by not following safety procedures and they will tell you that the rules and protocols are important. Making sure that your employees have a safe environment isn’t just smart business. It’s one of the ways that you show your employees that you care.

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