What You Should Know About Job Hunting in a Pandemic

Job-searching during a pandemic can feel intimidating at first. Before you dive into the process of polishing up your resume and sending in different applications, take a deep breath and reset some of your job-searching expectations. This article will go into three different ways in which the job-hunting process may be different than it has been in the past.

The Interview Process

It may seem intimidating to have an interview entirely over Zoom. But even though it isn’t in-person, the same principles apply to your Zoom call. Be professional, answer questions articulately, and come prepared.

According to Jobscan, as you are preparing for your call, there are a few things to remember. In addition to dressing appropriately, be sure to have a clean background, solid WiFi, and a professional name on your Zoom account. Also, even though for a normal interview you would aim to be 10–15 minutes early, aim to only be 2–3 minutes early to a Zoom call—they may be interviewing candidates back to back and it can be distracting if someone is in the waiting room for the end of another call.

Expect Fewer Benefits

Because the pandemic has negatively affected so many businesses and workers, you may need to be prepared to expect fewer benefits and less pay. According to Franchise Gator, many businesses are looking to secure employees at a lower cost now that many laid off workers are desperate for work.

Though it may seem a less attractive spot to be in, positioning yourself as a candidate who is prepared and willing to receive less than ideal benefits and pay may make you even more of an attractive candidate.

Expand to New Fields

With so much upheaval for so many different companies and businesses, different industries have been affected disproportionately. Within this context, it’s important to look at the job market holistically—across the board, who is hiring?

Even if it may seem a bit intimidating to start searching in a market outside of your typical specialty, you may surprise yourself by finding a position that, though unconventional for you, is actually really enjoyable.

You’ve polished your resume, you’ve cleaned up your LinkedIn profile, and you’re ready to start Googling for job openings. But before you dive into the job-hunting process, be sure to step back and let yourself take some time to reflect about the impact of COVID on the job market in general. Recognize that you may have to change some of your expectations and then get searching. You’ve got this.

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