What You Need to Do Before Working on a Dangerous Job Site

Construction work and other manual labor jobs come with their fair share of danger. Your employer is responsible for creating a reasonably safe worksite, but even their best efforts won’t be enough if you don’t do your part. If you’re going to stay safe, there are some things you need to do before working on a dangerous job site.

Know the Plan

Clear, effective communication is essential to staying safe on a dangerous job site. There are two key parts to communicating effectively. First, you have to say what you are trying to convey in a clear, concise manner that is easy to understand. That means avoiding jargon and checking to make sure you were understood. Second, you need to practice active listening. Ask questions if you are unsure of what the plan is. Knowing what role each person plays and communicating how you should be performing your duties can help ensure that you do your job safely.

Wear Protective Equipment

Staying safe while working at a dangerous job site means wearing appropriate protective equipment for the task at hand. The specific protective equipment you need will depend on your industry and what you’re doing, but helmets, gloves, eye protection, masks, and ear protection are common pieces of protective gear you may be expected to wear. More than 32 million employees are exposed to hazardous materials every year. This poses a serious risk to health, which can be prevented by properly wearing your PPE. Be aware that your employer has a responsibility to provide you with the necessary protective gear to perform your job. If you don’t have what you need, talk to someone to get that sorted out.

Inspect Your Equipment

Construction and manual labor often involves the use of machinery and heavy equipment. While they do great things for making your job easier, they can be very dangerous if they aren’t in proper working order. As such, it’s important to inspect your equipment before you start using it each day. Equipment inspections are one of the things covered in a site inspection, but don’t rely on those inspections alone to ensure that your equipment is in good condition. It’s best to do this yourself for the equipment you’ll be using. This way, you’ll know it’s in proper working order when you get started.

It’s important to keep yourself safe when working on a dangerous job site. Make sure you know what the plan is and who is responsible for what. Wear appropriate protective equipment and inspect the equipment you’ll be using before you get started. By creating a safe working environment, you should be able to reduce your risk of accidental injury.

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