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What Parents Need to Teach Their Kids About Riding a Bike

A child learning how to ride a bike is something that can bring a smile to their face and tears to their parents’ eyes. It can take months of training wheels, some skinned knees, and learning how to balance properly, but it’s all worth it when they figure it out. Any parent teaching their kids to ride a bike need to know these tips.


Balance is the crux of learning how to ride a bike, but it’s also one of the most difficult aspects. It can initially seem impossible to your child for them to be able to pedal and keep their bike upright on two wheels. But when they get the hang of pedaling, they can see how relatively easy it is. Help them feel at ease by holding onto the side of the byocycles while they pedal. Then, you can let go one hand at a time until they’re able to ride the bike all on their own.

Rules of the Road

Riding a bike involves being responsible for your safety, so it’s important to teach them the rules of the road. Your child needs to follow all laws regarding bike riding and understand what they can and can’t do. While on the road, bike riders have certain rights. Some states allow riding on the sidewalk as well on the road, while others require staying on the road, riding with traffic. There are also helmet laws for youths. Your child should understand that obeying these rules isn’t optional if they want to stay safe. Cyclists everywhere rely on their bike as their main means of transportation and know that awareness and courtesy are of the essence.

Taking Care of It

Bikes are sort of like cars in how they need to be maintained in order to stay in tip-top shape. Your child needs to know how to keep their bike in good condition so they’re not having to constantly get it fixed or replaced. When their bike isn’t in use, it needs to be locked up onto something that can’t be tampered with. They also need to make sure their gears are kept clean and that their tires are monitored for proper pressure. Your child should not be riding their bike if any part of it is worn out, as they could put themselves in danger.

Riding a bike lets your child feel the exhilaration that comes with accomplishing something they’ve set out to do. You can feel proud of them and of yourself for helping to guide them. Every lesson you have with them is one lesson closer they’ll be to mastering bike riding.

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