Toxic Eagle Studios Reboots THEM Mini Series

In 2014, Toxic Eagle Studios, a film production company located in the rural mountains of East Tennessee held a red-carpet premiere for their Sci-Fi thriller mini-series, “THEM.”  While the concept for the series was executed with great skill and talent, the studio faced some difficult times and had to put THEM on the back-burner while they recouped after some personal losses set them back and the studio needed to take time to expand their production team while working on several other film projects.

Today, just a little more than four years after the premiere, Director Dalton Stout has announced that they are forging ahead with THEM and they are currently in the pre-production phase. Right now, the studio is looking for a skilled production team to bring this story to life and while they cannot offer paid compensation at this time, they can offer IMDB credit, meals and public recognition for those who participate in production. It’s a winning situation for those who want to further their skill and have a decent show on their resume.

2014 Red Carpet Premiere of THEM Photo Credit: Angela Caito

The original THEM series, written by Dalton Stout and Austin Bennett, followed two best friends, Luke Ashton, played by actor Brad Mullins and Gerald Hicks, portrayed by actor Corey Hughes, as they found their town was in the path of a destructive meteor. As Luke and Gerald set off to discover what happens when a meteor hit the town, they discover far more than they ever planned. During the series, there are several violent abductions methodically handled by four teens who, as it turns out, are “watchers” disguised as human.


THEM plays on numerous Sci-Fi conspiracy theories and throws in a little horror. Originally, the show was deemed a family friendly production that wasn’t going to go any farther than PG-13, but we’ll have to see what they determine now that the last four years has passed. With four additional years between the premiere and the reset, fans will be anxious to see what direction the studio will go now that they have decided to revamp the series.


Check out the THEM Original Teaser (From 2015)


Production Crew Needed! 

Currently, Toxic Eagle Studios is looking for talented people to fill the following positions:

Executive Producer 
Line Producer 
Production Coordinator 
Casting Director 
Extras Casting Director 
Location Manager 
Location Assistant 
1st Assistant Director 
2nd Assistant Director 
Key Set PA
Production Assistants (several)
Special Effects Coordinator 
Visual Effects Team (whole) 
Director of Photography (SOMEONE SKILLED!!)
Camera Operators 
Key Grip
Grips (Several) 
FULL SOUND TEAM!! (Mixers/Boom/Foley/Score)
Makeup Artists (Special Effects Heavy) 
Hair Stylist

Photo Credit: Dalton Stout Facebook

Contact for Info

Interested parties can contact Dalton Stout at:


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