“Summer of the Year” commences production

In Memory of Deceased Crew Member

In an interview with an East Tennessee based company, Toxic Eagle Studios, spokesperson Dalton Stout announced plans to immediately begin short term production on a teen coming-of-age thriller entitled, “Summer of the Year”. Stout, the company CEO stated that he and a fellow writer and filmmaker, Morgan Malcolm, had planned to shoot the feature sometime this year. Stout also commented that Morgan was the Co-Writer of the film’s screenplay and was set to serve as assistant director. “She would’ve wanted this. I want her memory to carry on in this movie.” said Stout.

The film starts principal photography the last week of June, and roles have been cast since February. In an attempt to honor her memory, Toxic Eagle Studios has incorporated a sister establishment in her name. The company, Malcolm Lives Entertainment will be leading film production, and crews from Toxic Eagle Studios have been hired in for set.

“Summer of the Year” will star new and fresh faces including the acting talent of Ian Frazier & Brayden Yonts, both of Tennessee. The duo first auditioned for the same role but they were given separate characters portraying best friends. “I’m super excited to start filming, it’s been awhile.” said Yonts.

Filming will happen entirely in East Tennessee with little budget. Terrence Stockton, president of Toxic Eagle, states that money from their own pockets will be pouring into the movie’s financial needs. “We want to get this out there, for Morgan.” stated Stockton on Wednesday.

Morgan was a teenager from Kingsport, Tennessee who passed away from a fatal car accident. She and Stout had met on a previous television set, and became ‘somewhat close’. Due to the accident, producers immediately met concerning the film’s fate, and decided to dedicate the entire film in her memory.

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  1. That is awesome! My grandaughter went to school with her and knew her. She states what an amazing person she think she was and how she loves the Lord..

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