Characteristics of Successful Women

What It Really Takes to Be A Success 

Success ~Nila Sivatheesan
~Nila Sivatheesan

Today, we see more women in leadership roles than we have ever seen before in America’s history. Women hold more than half of all managerial roles and are breaking records in the professional workforce as each year passes by.  On top of that, more than 20% of all businesses that earn more than $1 million are now owned by female entrepreneurs.   Women are surging ahead in massive numbers in the world of business.


The question that many women may be asking themselves is: What characteristics do these successful women have and do I, as a woman, possess them as well? Successful women tend to have the following characteristics that seem to set them apart from others, both male and female, in the business world:


  1. Positive Attitude. No matter how goal oriented or demanding a person may be on themselves when it comes to working hard to achieve success, nothing can compare to a positive attitude in the workplace. When you maintain a positive attitude, you are able to plant positive thoughts in your own mind, thus helping to stay focused on constructive goals and enlightening views of yourself.


A positive attitude helps to encourage a person to go from just thinking  about an idea they would like to implement, to actually finding the courage to implement and achieve success. People notice a woman that exudes a positive attitude and they tend to listen to someone that seems confident and positive in their own ideas.


  1. A Strong Mind. Having a strong mind does not mean that a woman acts rude or as if they are better than, or smarter than, others. A woman with a strong mind shows that she is confident in her area of expertise and she shows that she takes full responsibility for her actions, not only in work but also in her personal life.To achieve success, many people will realize that you really need to step out of your comfort zone and consider avenues that many just do not have the courage to consider. A woman with a strong mind does not dwell on self-doubt or worry about losing. She is focused on what she knows and what her goal is and she strives to ensure she achieves what she is after.


  1. Integrity. All too often in the business world, we see men and women stepping on others to get what they want. The road to success is often paved with the efforts of others unfortunately. A successful woman will maintain her integrity and stay true to honesty and good values in the business world. The more that others respect a woman, the greater her true success will be. Successful women know that people want to do business with individuals and businesses that they know they can trust. Integrity is the key to that trustworthy feeling.


  1. Work Life Balance. Successful women know that you must balance your work and personal lives in order to lead a completely satisfied life. Your life revolves around business, family, health and wealth and even friends and it is very important to make sure you have an ample dose of all that life offers. Making sure that your work life and your personal life work on a well-balanced schedule will help you to stay positive and think clearly in order to see the full picture and stay on the road to success.


  1. A Driven Nature. A successful woman is driven not only at work but in all areas of her life. They say that people who have been through negative life events and have come out smiling have the strength needed to achieve anything. This holds true not only in business but also in personal relationships as well. A woman that is driven to succeed will be able to use hardship to her advantage will be able to show a fierceness in life that will lead her to the success she knows she deserves.


Successful women learn from the best and they make sure they are surrounded by people that are like-minded, positive, focused and supportive of goals. While they may face negative adversities from time to time, they strive to work hard to stay true to themselves and others by maintaining strong work ethics as well as honesty and integrity in their business and personal lives in order to achieve what they want in the end.


Are you driven for success in your life? If so, share what you believe makes a person a success in the comments below!

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