Actors, Start Acting and Stop Stressing Over Your STARmeter Rating

Many actors today seem to think their STARmeter rating is the end all, be all in the acting industry. Guess what folks? As nice as it may be to imagine yourself to be the coolest actor on the planet, that number really doesn’t mean much to anyone other than you, the self-loving actor who wants to flaunt their rating to people who don’t have a grasp on the film industry or what really matters when it comes to being a good actor.

First, the STARmeter rating on IMDb is the ranking system on IMDb and the site updates the rating every week (usually early on Monday) and according to IMDB ,

“The rankings on STARmeter, MOVIEmeter, and COMPANY meter (we’ll delve into the latter two at a later date) do not necessarily mean that something is good. They do mean that there is a high level of public awareness and/or interest in the title, person or company.”

Let’s face it, there are millions of actors worldwide, and the truth is, no one cares about the STARmeter rating, especially not those actors who have truly worked hard to establish themselves in the film industry and can seriously take charge of any role they take. Those actors have the credits to back who they are.

Casting directors look for talent, not ratings on the IMDb website. This doesn’t mean that a casting director won’t stop for a second to glance at someone’s IMDb page, but what matters is whether the actor can act, has the right look and can be the character. Even more so, the experience the actor has is checked. An actor who has a good resume and can show they can act is always a plus for a casting director.

Raising a STARmeter Rating

Raising your STARmeter rating without it growing on its own is not difficult at all, and chances are if you see a rating that makes a new actor look like they’re flying off the charts, they have most likely either cheated the rating by signing up on an aggregator website where they will be able to have numerous people visit their IMDb page daily, or they have been in the news.

Actress Shannon Richardson on The Walking Dead on AMC

Take actress Shannon Richardson (The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries) as an example of incredible IMDb STARmeter ratings that basically meant nothing at all.  In 2014, Richardson sent President Barrack Obama ricin laced mail and was eventually sentenced to 18 years in prison. Since Richardson’s name was in the press due to her crime, her IMDb rating shot up to the number one position where it stayed for almost nine days.  Why? Because people were searching to see who this unknown actress was, and they came across her IMDb page. This did not make her the world’s top actress. Prior to her arrest, Richardson was just a background actor who was just starting out in the industry.

Her STARmeter rank now is just over 77,000 and guess what? She hasn’t had any background work in nearly five years! So, as you can clearly see, these ratings mean nothing.

Boost Your Ratings! (No, Don’t Do This)

Websites posted on Google showing they can boost IMDb STARmeter Ratings

There are also other ways to boost your STARmeter rating, and these include websites where you can sign up, pay a small fee and within a short time, your numbers magically rise. If a casting director stops to look at your IMDb profile and notices that your STARmeter is looking great but your verified credits are virtually non-existent or very small, chances are you’re going to be laughed at and ignored for the role you submitted for.

You need to stop and think before you waste your time on one of these websites. No matter how well the site works and how great they are at boosting your IMDb STARmeter, that rating is not going to be what gets you an audition.

Stop Obsessing Over IMDb and Focus On Acting!

Some actors are obsessed with their IMDb rating that they will visit their own page over and over or have friends and family do the same thing to help boost the rating.

When it comes to ratings, IMDb nor the casting director cares what your individual rating is. What matters the most is that your credits are listed accurately. It’s the facts that are going to move you up in the industry and one of the facts you need to understand is that a silly rating on a movie database is not going to matter in the long run.

The most important thing that an actor can do is to practice every day and work to focus on the right things. The STARmeter rating is by far, one of the last things you should worry about.

What you really need as an actor (besides amazing talent!) is a good resume and nice acting headshots. Those just starting out may not have credits to list on a resume, but even without credits, list your talents. Mingle with others in the industry and find film and commercial acting classes near you that you can take. Rehearse every day even if you don’t have a role to rehearse for. There are thousands of monologues online including on websites like StageAgent.com that you can practice and if you don’t like those, create your own!

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