Signs That You’re Not Coping With a Breakup in a Healthy Way

Breakups are hard. No matter how long you dated the person, going your separate ways takes a toll emotionally. And while everyone takes a different approach to getting over someone they used to love, it’s still important to recognize certain signs that you aren’t coping in a healthy way.

You’ve Dropped Responsibilities

According to Calm Sage, one great gauge of your response to a breakup is your ability to manage your responsibilities. Give yourself at most a couple weeks of time off to emotionally process and heal. But if you continue to drop your responsibilities for weeks after that, reach out and get help. Working with a therapist can help you unpack the emotions you are feeling and help you make progress towards regaining a healthy equilibrium.

You Can’t Let Go

Another sign of an unhealthy response to a breakup is your level of obsession over your ex. It’s totally normal to find yourself occasionally looking at old pictures or pulling up their Facebook every now and then. But if you are altering your normal routine to be in places where you can see them, that’s a sign that you aren’t dealing with the breakup healthily.

You should also be aware that certain obsessive behaviors could have more consequences than just on your ability to move on. In fact, according to Bradley Corbett Defense Attorney, even driving by someone’s place of employment or property can be considered stalking.

You’re Avoiding Anything that Reminds You of Them

While not being able to let go is one end of the extreme, avoiding anything and everything that remotely reminds you of your ex is on the other end of the spectrum. According to Dr. Irena, it’s important and healthy to let yourself feel your emotions and even allow yourself to avoid people or places that lead to you recalling different memories for a certain period of time.

But recognize that if you are unable to perform normal tasks like grocery shopping or going to school comfortably, it’s probably time to work through what you’re feeling and try to get back into a normal rhythm.

When you’re getting over a breakup, it can be easy to try and push the pain away so that you can get back to normal. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. If you continue to struggle to regain your life’s normalness, be willing to reach out to professionals and get help.

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