Red Flags to Watch Out for in a Relationship

Relationships are based on physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy. While many relationships are healthy and successful, there are still many others that are unhealthy and dangerous. It’s a good idea to educate yourself about red flags to watch for in a relationship. This will help you be safe and avoid bad situations. Here are three relationship red flags you should watch out for in any relationship.

Not Talking

Communication is essential in any healthy relationship. Communication will help you have trust, unity, and emotional intimacy. Talking is healthy, even if you are disagreeing. It helps you work through issues and connect with each other. Communication will help you avoid misunderstandings, set expectations, and develop healthy boundaries.  If you or your partner have trouble with communication, seeking relationship counseling is a good idea. Talking with a third party can help you both learn healthy communication skills in a safe space.  


Domestic abuse comes in many forms, and you shouldn’t make excuses for any of them. One definition of abuse is any action that intentionally harms another person. Three common types of abuse are physical, emotional, and sexual.

Physical abuse can be recognized by slapping, kicking, punching, grabbing, and shaking. Emotional abuse can be difficult to recognize, but can include criticizing, manipulation, humiliation, intimidation, isolation, or verbal assault. Sexual abuse can be recognized by any unwanted sexual behavior, whether that be sex or touching of your private areas. Each form of abuse often results in harm to the victim’s sense of identity and self-worth.

Lack of Respect

A healthy relationship is built on the mutual respect of both partners. If your significant other doesn’t respect you, you are likely headed towards some danger in your relationship. A lack of respect can manifest itself in many ways. If your partner is controlling, manipulative, or constantly critical towards you, they are not demonstrating respect towards you. If they always interrupt you or don’t make time for you and your concerns, your partner is not being respectful. Respect requires acceptance, understanding, trust, and selflessness.

Communication problems, abuse, and a lack of mutual respect are three red flags you should watch out for in your relationship. These problems are serious, and will require the time and attention of both parties in order to be resolved. If your partner is unwilling to change and stop these problematic behaviors, you should think about leaving the relationship. Especially in cases of abusive relationships, it is important to build a support system and make an exit strategy. This will help you stay safe and protect yourself.

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