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Preventing Injuries in Your Athletic Child

Coach Ryan Witten coaching kids as young as age 4 in football at Evolution Sports Gym, Elizabethton

Playing sports comes with numerous benefits for children, however they do not come without downfalls. Injuries can and often do happen. Fortunately, injuries in your athletic child can be prevented with a little effort from you, your child and the coach. If you are looking for legal support you can contact Overland Park accident lawyer to ensure that intentional harm is avoided. More time in the field increases the likelihood for injuries to occur but with preventative measures in place, you can decrease the chances of a common sports-related injury by over 50%. Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), each year, there are more than 2.6 million reported injuries to children playing sports.

These 10 tips can help your child stay away from the injuries on the field and get more game time.

  1. Enroll in organized sports where the leaders or coaches of the teams are trained at preventing and treating sports-related injuries in children.
  2. Consistently use proper gear that is required for the sport.
  3. Warm up exercises should always be done prior to playing the sport and cool down exercises should be done after.
  4. Staying properly hydrated while playing the sports can help to reduce strains and cramps in the muscles.
  5. Make sure the child listens attentively and pays attention during game play to reduce the chances of an injury happening.
  6. Make sure the child follows all the safety protocol that is expected of them during game play.
  7. Having the appropriate playing surface for the specific sport can reduce injuries. These fields and courts should be well maintained throughout the year.
  8. Kids should always be allowed the proper rest period while playing the games. They need this time to rest their muscles before continuing with the game.
  9. Support your children and know what to expect when it comes to having them play sports. The best thing you can do to prevent these injuries is knowing more about them, how to prevent them and even how to treat them.
  10. If the child has been injured once or twice previously, it is important that they follow the physician’s advice when it comes to when they can get back out on the field to play again. Prematurely playing again can cause the same problem to happen again or become worse.

Playing sports is a healthy, fun way to get your child moving and making friends. It is a great way to bring them together into an organized activity and learn social skills when working together for a common goal with sports, while also giving them the necessary exercise needed for a healthy and fit body. Injuries can happen when playing any type of sports, but the more you, the instructors and the children know about these injuries, the more your child will be safer while playing any of the sports that they find joy in.  


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