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Practical Means of Reducing Your Anxiety

Anxiety can be extremely debilitating if it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, many people only think about treating their anxiety during an anxiety attack. It’s important to understand that the anxiety attack is the outward manifestation of a problem that has been occurring for some time. As such if you want to reduce anxiety you need to start before the anxiety becomes a problem. The methods need to be preventative and help you manage situations that contribute to anxiety.

Create a New Health Plan

Dealing with anxiety isn’t something that you can just play by ear. You need to have a plan. Crucial aspects of dealing with anxiety are getting quality sleep and eating properly. Getting proper sleep can be difficult if your anxiety is making sleep elusive. If that is the case, at least try to rest. Lying down with your eyes closed will do more good than sitting watching tv or spending time on your phone.

Consult with a specialist in mental illnesses while formulating your plan. They may recommend taking medications or supplements. Taking medication for a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re worried about side effects, try a natural supplement. CBD oil has been known to help alleviate anxiety and depression. It can even help you sleep if you’re struggling with that.


Keep a Journal

One of the causes of an anxiety attack is that your brain is having difficulty processing thoughts in a healthy manner. Keeping a journal is a great way to help and retrain your brain. Journaling will give you a time where you can focus your thoughts and write them down. This will allow you to examine what you are thinking and feeling. It will help you start to put things into perspective. Sometimes your emotions need an outlet. Journaling is a healthy way to do this.


Use a Planner

Another major contribution to stress and anxiety is being disorganized. If you’re constantly running behind and forgetting things, you’re going to start getting anxious about your abilities. You need to realize that a normal person can’t remember everything. That is a very rare ability. Help yourself out by getting a planner. Write down your to-dos and anything else you need to remember. Not only will this help you remember things, but it will give you a chance to mentally prepare for each day.


Dealing with anxiety is not something that has to define your life. You can learn to cope with, and eventually overcome this condition. Just be patient with yourself. Mental illnesses are very serious and tricky things. They require a lot of self-patience, self-care, and self-love to overcome.

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