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Popular Summer Home Improvements You Should Consider

Summertime means sun, heat, and trying new things. One way to satisfy your craving for a project is by making summer improvements to your home. There are several popular summer home improvement projects you should consider completing which will improve your quality of summer life as well as the quality of your home.

Install Air Conditioning

If you’re tired of hot summers indoors, you should consider installing air conditioning. When it’s hot outside, you will need somewhere to escape the heat—air conditioning will keep your home cool and give you an oasis from the sun.

Besides cooling you down, air conditioning has many other benefits: the air in your home will be cleaner and healthier for you to breathe and your property value will increase. Try to invest in a newer, more efficient air conditioning system, because newer systems can save you money, keep your home quieter, and benefit the environment by helping reduce carbon emissions. If you already have air conditioning, upgrading your system for summer is a great idea.


Declutter your home. If you’re getting hot outside, consider coming in and getting some cleaning done indoors. This may seem a daunting task, depending on how often you tidy up, but in summer, you definitely don’t want to be in a messy home; now is the time for being able to enjoy nice weather without worrying about where in the house you’ve buried your sunglasses.

Make a plan of attack, then, organize yourself and work room-by-room, one area at a time. Start small—maybe by focusing first on one area of the room like a drawer or countertop. Once that is done, you can move on to harder, bigger tasks. As you come across unwanted or unused items, get rid of them or give them away. If you want to go one step further, you can also declutter your car, yard, and other spaces.


Give your interior a new color. Summer is an ideal time of year to paint your house because the weather is dry and warm, and many people have just finished spring cleaning. Unlike in the winter, you can open the windows to air out that paint smell and help your walls dry. Doing so while running fans will also keep humidity levels—which can affect paint quality—to a minimum. Warm weather will help your new paint dry quicker, making the process a lot faster than it would be in the winter. This way, you can apply multiple coats in one day. Warmth also helps to thin the paint, making it easier to achieve ideal paint consistency. Do your research to figure out what types of paint work best in the heat.

A Deck

You should consider building a deck for many reasons. Decks are hugely popular right now. For one, a deck will increase the value of your home. You’ll be able to sell your home faster should you ever decide to, and the money spent building the deck will be worth every cent. If you do it yourself, you’ll get an even better return on the investment.

Two, decks are great for social gatherings. Many deck features are designed to create a space for social gatherings of family and friends. You can entertain friends, hang out with family, throw parties, and more. Decks are easy to clean and allow you to enjoy both the fresh air and people’s company at the same time.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is another great option. A new kitchen boosts your home’s resale value and can improve your home’s functionality. When you remodel, you can eliminate old, annoying inconveniences. Perhaps your family’s needs or your personal style have changed—it is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen to meet those new standards. Besides the aesthetic and functional benefits, kitchen renovation can also increase your energy and water savings by improving your appliances’ efficiency.

Invest in a Pool

If you are able, upgrading your home to include a pool is the ultimate summer improvement. Providing a place to relax in the heat and stay cool while also making a space for spending time with friends and family, a pool creates more opportunities for outdoor exercise and summer activities. A pool, like most improvements, will raise your home’s value. Just remember that owning a pool involves commitment to its upkeep.

Build an Outdoor Space

Outdoor living areas add value to your home more than most other improvements can. Outdoor kitchens and fire pit areas expand your options for mealtimes, parties, and other social gatherings. An outdoor area, such as a kitchen, gives you an extra excuse to spend time with family under the sun or the stars, enjoying the fine weather of summer. You can move indoor activities, such as the mundane actions of cooking and eating and even sleeping, into the great outdoors.

Rig Up a Zip Line

Want a project that’s unique and sure to bring all your friends to your yard? Upgrade your backyard to include a new adventure, such as a zip line. This is an improvement you can make all by yourself! Zip lines can be easily and affordably set up, and it is possible to make them quite safe for kids. Just make sure you are conscious of safety measures, such as wearing a harness and having adult supervision. If you have any concerns or doubts about set-up, contact an expert.

Construct a Treehouse

A treehouse is another fun, creative improvement. Treehouse projects can be DIY and needn’t cost much. It is easy to take a simple treehouse to the next level—simply add a swing, slide, or decorate with string lights for an ethereal feel. Design it for kids or make it a treehouse for adults. Either way, the possibilities for summer fun are never-ending.

Summer offers endless possibilities for fun and home improvement. Whether you choose to undertake something big—like constructing a pool in your backyard—or something small—like deep cleaning the inside of your home—summer is the perfect time to get started on a project.

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