Modern Web Design Trends That Never Fail

A quick glimpse into the web design trends of the mid 1990’s will show that web designers placed a great deal of focus on flashy pages that included scrolling marquees, overpopulated pages packed with stock photos and too much content and even guestbooks so users could leave their thoughts for the world to see.  For the most part, those glitzy, overpopulated websites are gone although from time to time, you may still see a site here and there that still proudly embellishes the razzle dazzle of days gone by. 

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Scrolling marquees were a big hit for 90’s web designers

As technology progressed, websites started becoming clean, crisp and user-friendly. The goal of a great website is to keep the target audience engaged with your brand. As we near 2020, it is easy to see that are several modern web design trends that have been proven to have a strong impact on the user experience and those trends are here to stay. Here are five of the top web design trends that never fail.  


Mobile Friendly Web Design

As little as five years ago, mobile friendliness was not at the top of the list of things to consider when building a website. Today however, with more people relying solely on their smartphone for internet access and even more expected in the coming five years, it’s important for web designers to plan accordingly and make sure that websites not only look crisp and professional, but also that they are mobile friendly for smartphone browsing.

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With a minimalistic approach to a website, website designers can bring better attention to the purpose of the site. Using only a few colors as well as ensuring words are not crammed onto the page will help keep a minimalist approach and keep visitors to the site engaged.

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Website visitors become instantly intrigued when they open a site and immediately see a video playing in the background. Not only does it keep people on your site longer, but it is also great for SEO. Video marketing is the perfect option for business owners to showcase their top products or services so people will quickly see what they offer.

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Many sites use generic stock photos, but every website does not provide a way for clients or employees to track specific items or services. Illustrations are ideal for offering detailed insights, step by step tutorials and helping to build a brand in a way that separates them from others.

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Simple Navigation

Website navigation is not always considered when thinking about web design, but it is important because it determines how easy a site visitor can navigate from one page to the next on a website. When site navigation is difficult or cluttered, visitors tend to not stick around long. 

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While various website design trends pop up throughout the years, these trends will be around for years to come and when website owners want to make a good impression on people, it’s important to utilize the trends that are proven to work. 


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