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My Story: Overcoming The Odds

One Man’s Journey To A New Life

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Lynn Dempsey


I was raised in a functional home. Mom and dad never fought, cursed or drank. It was a loving Christian home. I was raised in the church and was part of the church until I graduated high school. At this time, I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

It started with one joint and then pain pills (Quaaludes, Speed, LSD, PCP, Ecstasy, etc.) I later found my drug of choice which was cocaine. I used this drug trying to fill that void I had in my life. Trying to find happiness, peace and love that I once knew only to find it just for that moment. After ten years of cocaine use I finally laid it down and quit. Just to replace it with another demon.

I was introduced to meth. This was when a lot of my legal problems began. Getting put in jail and promising God if he would help me I would serve him. Sure enough, most of the time I never spent over a day in jail.

I would do well for a week or two and then I would let the devil and my addiction over power me. I started selling meth because I couldn’t afford my habit. Not a good idea!!!

On October the 9th of 2008, I quit using meth. Not because I wanted to but because I got arrested that day. I begged God to get me out by promising I would serve him. Just please get me out of here! His answer was no!!! God said you are going to mature. Then something happened to me three or four days later.

My mind was clear and I finally realized what my life had become. I went to use the phone but there was no one to call. Everyone had given up on me. I got this heaviness, conviction, shame and guilt like I have never felt before.

It was like all the bad I had ever done and all the people I had ever caused pain to, every vile and disgusting thing that I had engaged in was brought to my memory. This is when I got serious with God. I cried out to him like never before.

That’s when my life changed. He lifted all the weight I was carrying that day. As soon as I reached out for him he lifted the 30 year addiction from me. I was set free that day. I give God all the praise, honor and glory.

So I thought everything would be easy now. Wrong!!! You see, the devil never had any reason to attack me before because he had me in his clutches.

After spending 42 days in jail, I was released. I really had it going on. I was a new born Christian, drug free and I felt good about my life. I was ready to start a new life by going to church and spending time with my family.

I was just starting to enjoy life. I even checked into a Christian ministry school/ council for drugs and alcohol for structure which I didn’t have because I had been a drug user for so long.

Two days after I was checked in, I was indicted by the federal government on a drug conspiracy charge. I was placed in a patrol car and I have never felt the presence of the devil so strong. It was like he was sitting right next to me saying, “Look what your Jesus got you into” and laughing the whole time. The Holy Spirit also spoke to me and told me to have faith and that I would be okay.

I went in front of the judge and he read my charges and said I was facing 20 years to life in prison. I was taken to a holding center awaiting trial which took 8 months. The devil kept attacking me trying to convince me to take my own life but the spirit which lived inside of me kept assuring me that I would be okay. After weeks of trying to resolve this problem on my own, I finally turned it all over to God.

I went in for sentencing after 8 months and was given 78 months in federal prison. Not bad considering I was facing 20 to life. After being locked up for about a year, I started praying for God to find me a way out to be with my family.

I was locked up for almost 2 years and one day I came in from the rec yard and there was a letter laying on my bunk. The judge had reviewed my case and reduced my sentence to 27 months.

I have been clean for 6 years now only by the grace of God. I am filled with happiness, peace and love. Only God can give you these things. If you want happiness and peace, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Just trust in him and live by faith.


God Bless You,

Lynn Dempsey

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