Interview With Entertainment Executive Jason Davis

Davis Tells The World What It Takes To Be Successful

Entertainment Industry Executive Jason Davis
Entertainment Industry Executive Jason Davis

Jason Davis is the founder and president of One One 7, an internationally known entertainment corporation. Not only is Davis an Entertainment Industry Executive, but he is also a Christian that has shown how hard work, dedication and devotion to God can bring value to a person’s life and career path.


One One 7 works to secure recording deals as well as roles for major motion pictures and television shows.


Jason got his start in New Jersey and began as a hit songwriter working with Contemporary Christian artists. He was nominated for a “Premios Tu Mundo” Award (Your World Awards) for his musical accomplishments and has worked with many leading recording artists worldwide. He has acquired recording contracts with Sony Records, RCA Records, Island/Def Jam Records, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records and many others for recording artists.


Jason says he was inspired by the Bible verse 1 John 1:17 and he dedicated his company Fahrenheit Media Group to the Lord in 2011 and renamed it One One 7. He is a man that is passionate not only in his private life, but in his work and his love of God as well as the many people he works with globally.


It was an honor to have the opportunity to speak to Jason Davis and learn a little more about him personally as well as professionally.

What was your childhood like? Was there anything in your childhood that inspired you to be the man you are today?
My childhood was in some ways great and in others very difficult, both aspects helped shape who I am today. My mother has a very soft and sweet personality and my father could be very warm, but he had an incredible work ethic and drive. As a young boy I would work the summers with my grandfather who was an entrepreneur. The difficult aspects have helped me have more compassion and patience with clients and the people that work for our different companies. I actually go into a lot of detail about my childhood in my book titled “Your love pursues.”


What does your family think about the work that you do and do they support you in your business endeavors?


When I first started pursuing the entertainment industry in my early 20’s I think my family was concerned if it would work as a career. Once I started having success and they started watching my company grow they became very excited.


How long have you been in the entertainment business?


I have been in the entertainment business for almost 20 years.


What led you to this industry?


It was a calling from God. The passion to create and see how entertainment could move the needle on popular culture as well as seeing how it could affect a life individually.


What sets you apart from others in the same field?


What sets us apart from the rest would be the global reach we have and the heart to love others well.


As a Christian, have you found barriers that make things difficult for you in the industry?


Surprisingly no, I think people respect that I have a love for God and a love for people. If anything, it has helped my career.

It was mentioned that 1 John 1:7 inspired you to name your company One One 7. What was it in particular about this verse that inspired that decision?


That was the first bible verse I had ever heard in my life. The two things that really impacted me about that verse was walking in the light which I view as a call to operate transparently and having fellowship with one another. If we do that we can develop long term and fruitful relationships.


What do you feel is the single most important thing that will ensure success to someone working their way up through the music or film industry?


I think the single most important thing is that it has to be something you are called to do. It takes an incredible amount of passion, hard work, and perseverance to work in the entertainment industry. If you’re not called by God to go do that it’s hard to find enough passion to keep going.

Thank you so much for taking time to speak to me. I know that you are a very busy man and I appreciate the time spent on this.

Thank you for having me.

Jason Davis has just released his new book Business Backwards that can be found on Amazon at this link.

You can also find his memoir, Your Love Pursues on iBooks at this link.
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