Items You Can Pawn for Extra Cash

If you are looking to get rid of the extra items around your house or hoping to make a quick buck, there are plenty of things you can pawn for extra cash. You can sell almost anything at a pawn shop. However, some items have a higher demand than others. Items you can pawn for extra cash include firearms, precious metals, and electronics.


Whether it is a pistol or a hunting rifle, firearms are a high-value item when it comes to pawn shops. Selling your gun or pawning your gun for a cash loan is quick and convenient. They are always in high demand. It is important to know when you bring a firearm in. According to Xtreme Pawn, the pawnshop is required to provide the necessary paperwork and perform background checks before giving you your cash. This helps ensure that all guns bought and sold within the store are licensed, registered, and legal to sell. Depending on the firearm and its condition, you can plan on making at least $500 on the sale.

Precious Metals

Jewelry and other precious metals are some of the most popular items you’ll find in a pawn shop. Because of their rarity, the materialistic value significantly increases. Any kind of jewelry with real gold, silver, and other precious metals can give you extra cash. Other accessories contain precious metals that can earn you some cash. For example, dental implants. According to CrownBuyers, dental gold is often mixed with palladium, silver, and other metals. While it may not seem like it, these can be pawned for extra cash.


Electronics can often be pawned for a little extra cash. Whether it is an antique and a collector is interested, or a fairly new but used device, there will be a customer. This provides additional incentive to take care of your electronics while you are using them, because scratches, dents, and other damage can decrease the earnings you make repurposing it. According to FrugalForLess, a comprehensive list of popular electronics can be found and referenced for finding whether or not your item holds any value.

One of the common misconceptions people have is that if it is old, they should throw it out. Just because it is old for you, doesn’t mean it will be for someone else. Pawn firearms, precious metals, or electronics for a little extra cash before deciding to throw them out.

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