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I’m #ProLife but I’m Annoyed With The Bandwagon ProLifers

I’m sure someone will be offended by this and I’m sorry if you’re one of them…I’ll start with this: Yes, I am PROLIFE and NO, I do not believe in abortion for any reason. I know personally what abortion does to a woman physically, and more importantly, emotionally and mentally. I know how Planned Parenthood will lie to a woman. I have been that woman. I agree with de-funding PP and I know there are many alternatives for free or reasonably priced birth control as well as PAP’s and Mammograms (which, by the way, PP does NOT do at all) through local health departments and clinics. This however, is not about Planned Parenthood or what I think about them. This is about the Prolife movement, which I personally feel part of, yet to some degree, I’ve been irritated with some of the things I’ve seen lately.

The Copy and Paste Facebook Posts

I keep seeing so many people posting this thing on Facebook to tell women if they are thinking about having an abortion, not to do so and that they will gladly take the baby and raise it. While I am against abortion and am PROLIFE, I feel compelled to say this.


The posts go something like this:



“If anyone is thinking about having an abortion I will be glad to take the baby. I’ll ask no questions I will give it a good family and life. If you would do the same change your status to this.”


And this:



“<3 If anyone is thinking about abortion because you can’t/won’t care for him/her, I will gladly take the baby. No questions asked. I will give it a good family and life. If you would do the same change your status to this.”


We all know how simple it is to just take a baby from someone. Right?


That is laughable as you cannot just walk in and take a baby from someone no matter how closely they may be leaning towards abortion or how much they may approve of you taking the baby. There are legal matters that would need taken care of, Financial obligations that would need to be paid. Are you prepared to pay a hospital thousands of dollars for a delivery? What about prenatal care? These things needs to be considered if you’re sincere about taking a person’s baby and raising that baby.


Stop posting things just because you see someone else post it. If you haven’t been posting this all year or for many years in the past, then why do you feel compelled to post it now? Why have you not been posting and asking women ALL YEAR EVERY SINGLE DAY and for the many years previously to let you adopt their babies? Sure, it’s a nice gesture but it’s a feeble attempt to raise awareness and truly show that your words mean anything at all. After all, when everyone sees the same (or similar) post from many people on their FB feeds, they assume you are just one of many without a mind of your own and that you will post anything just to post it.


Do Something!

Do you spend your days sitting at an abortion clinic to ask women to give you their unborn child? Do you go to the abortion clinics to offer financial help? How about just to go to offer moral support? No? Then why are you making posts offering to take a baby?


Do something besides sit and stare at Facebook and repost everything that you see. It’s almost as annoying the people who post the “I bet someone will repost this” posts. What are you doing to help with children who have been born already and are not wanted?


Does it take a Prolife march one day out of the year and a few Facebook posts to get you to jump on the bandwagon to copy a post which you have not been been posting every day since you first joined Facebook? If you are sincere in your post, then post it daily but don’t stop there! Start looking for women who could really benefit from your posted words.


This is annoying as the lost bra posts to raise awareness for breast cancer. Posting that you lost your bra or some other ridiculous post is not raising awareness for the boobs. Instead, it is just showing people how you will post anything for attention. Actually, it’s more like the people who post things like this: “Oh my gosh! That was horrible!” Then, they leave people wondering what was so horrible. Attention seekers. It is annoying.


They always try to say that Prolife people don’t want abortions yet they won’t help when an unwanted baby is born. So, PROVE THEM WRONG! Start doing something PROACTIVE to raise awareness and to help women who need the help the most.
Show Your Support

Don’t condemn that woman who is so desperate that she is considering ending the life of her unborn child. Instead, reach out to her and help her! Whether that is financially or just to be there for moral support and to show her she has help with the baby. Do something. A Facebook post is not going to help any more than a pussy hat in a crowd of women who are trashing DC with vulgarity where our children can see and hear them.


Yes, I would absolutely take someone’s unwanted baby and raise it and yes, if you are considering abortion, call me and we’ll talk. I am also willing to help the woman without taking her baby. I’m willing to help when that baby is born or when he (or she) is a year old, five years old, ten years old, a teen and even as an adult. I believe in helping people whether they were wanted badly at birth or if they were never wanted at all


If you are PROLIFE, then you need to be PRO helping all lives. Yes, the unborn and the very young are the most vulnerable and need help to be able to live. But once they take that first breath, they have a lifetime that still matters beyond the womb. Be PROLIFE but help ALL lives. I know I sure do and it doesn’t take copying some silly Facebook post for me to show someone that I am here and that I’ll help them when they need it if I am able. And guess what? Even if you are flat broke, you can ALWAYS be there for someone who needs help!


If you are pregnant and would like to speak to someone who can help you, you can contact an abortion alternative center in your local area. If you don’t have one, or don’t know where one would be, the National Right to Life, a nationwide U.S. based pro-life organization, may be able to direct you to someone locally who can help you. You can contact them via their website or by phone by calling:

1-800-395-HELP (4357)

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