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H&S Hunting & Fishing Discusses Business In Downtown Elizabethton

There are so many incredible businesses lining the sidewalks in downtown Elizabethton, and as we continue our Sidewalk Stories this week, we get to check out our one and only downtown hunting and fishing supply store.

Since 2002, H&S Hunting & Fishing has been a well-known business in downtown Elizabethton, Tennessee. Not only because it just so happens to be the only brick and mortar hunting and fishing shop in the local area, but also because the owners, Mike Manual (pictured above) and Howard Craft have built a solid reputation for offering hunting, fishing and other outdoors supplies at fair prices backed with a desire to ensure their customers are satisfied with the purchase they make.

Prior to opening the shop, the owners, Mike Manual and Howard Craft, owned a hunting lodge in Illinois for several years, and while they still have the lodge, the downtown Elizabethton store has become their primary focus.

If you ask Mike Manual, one of the owners of H&S Hunting & Fishing in downtown Elizabethton, Tennessee what his favorite thing about owning a downtown business is, you’re going to hear quite a few reasons. The one that stands out the most however is; family.

First, the business is family owned and operated along with Manuals brother in law, Howard Craft. Crafts son even runs a taxidermy shop inside H&S Hunting & Fishing which is a great benefit for hunters who want to preserve their game after a big hunt.

H&S Hunting & Fishing in downtown Elizabethton, Tennessee

When asked what is was that he liked best about being located in downtown Elizabethton, Manual responded with, “It’s pretty simple, you know? It’s not got that big city feel and you’ve got a more hometown base and you get to meet people and I guess it’s more like a big family is.”

Manual went on to say, “I mean, the community is like family and in some of the big cities, you’re more just a number. This is more family oriented and you learn your regulars and many of them have shopped with us since we’ve been open. When our customers that we have known well over the years have life issues, we do what we can to support them. Like I said, it’s more than just a number. It’s a family.”

Manual said that over the last eight years or so, business, just as it is in many small towns across America, has been a little tough but it seems like recently, the downtown is trying to do different things and he hopes some of it will work out and bring more people to the downtown area. He went on to mention that there even seems to be a little bit of spark rising in the downtown area, and we all know that where there is a spark, there is a fire.

Let’s hope that together, we can help kindle the fire in downtown Elizabethton and see our local businesses grow and flourish.

H&S Hunting & Fishing offers not only the latest in guns and ammo, but also gun safes, archery supplies, fishing supplies, apparel and more. They also offer a handgun carry permit class held the last Saturday of every month by a State of Tennessee certified handgun trainer. For information on the handgun permit classes, be sure to contact Rocky Croy at: (423) 972-7988

Keep in mind that summer is the perfect time to perfect your archery skills before the fall hunting season arrives! H&S Hunting & Fishing has bows for all ages, so why not grab a few bows or crossbows and get family or friends together for a little target practice this summer? They not only have great prices, but they also offer 12 months same as cash financing!

Be sure to check out H&S Hunting & Fishing at:

430 E E Street

Elizabethton, TN 37643

Phone: (423) 542-3477

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