How You Can Help Keep Your Local Businesses Afloat

There are many advantages and benefits that come from shopping local and supporting your local businesses. Supporting your local businesses supports your local economy. You may not know that when you purchase goods from local businesses, significantly more money stays in the community (as opposed to purchases made at nationally owned businesses). Supporting your local businesses also helps you support your neighbors, and help the environment because local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint.

Visit Their Stores

As many states are starting to ease their restrictions on social distancing, many people are beginning to have more options in terms of going out and visiting stores. If you want to support local businesses through visiting their stores, first weigh the risk and evaluate your own health. It’s a good idea to choose pickup options when available. Businesses such as restaurants are already required to follow health standards to keep their customers and employees safe.

Buy Online

One other way you can support your local businesses is buying from their online stores. Visiting their online store is a safe way to show your support while social distancing. If a particular local business does not have an online store, you might try asking if you can request online or over-the-phone ordering. Buying products from local businesses online will help them increase their website traffic and improve their online visibility. If you have a good online shopping experience, you should consider posting about it on social media. Supporting your local businesses through online shopping is easy, safe, and convenient.

Purchase Gift Cards

Purchasing a gift card from your favorite local business is a great way to show your support. Buying a gift card will help your local businesses stay afloat by receiving much-needed cash flow. Try treating yourself to a gift card and taking yourself out to lunch down the road. Or better yet, try treating someone else to a fun gift card. Now is a great time to get your gift-shopping done and help struggling businesses at the same time. Even if you can’t leave your house due to social distancing, you could try purchasing a gift card online or over the phone.  

Supporting your local businesses might seem inconvenient at first, but there are many ways you can keep your local businesses afloat, and help your neighbors and community. Visiting their stores, buying their products online, and purchasing gift cards are three ways you can help.

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