How to Put Your Business on the Same Map as Your Competitors

As a small business owner, you know you need to stay competitive to stay in business. One of the things you should be doing is making sure your business is as visible as possible. At the very least you want it to be as visible as your competitors. So what are some things you can do to put your business on the same map as your competitors?

Start Creating Contacts

Networking and building up your contacts is a good way to build connections for your business. This gives you the chance to personally market your business to those who you think will benefit from what you have to offer. One of the important aspects of networking and building connections is the give and take a portion of it. By participating in this aspect of networking, you stand to strengthen your business and that of others. This helps build awareness of your brand and encourages people to support you.

Get Positive Attention

Contrary to what some may think, not all attention is necessarily good attention when it comes to small businesses. Sure, any attention can get the word out about your business, but reputation is everything. As such, you want to generate as much positive attention as possible. You might start seeking this out by soliciting positive reviews from your customers. An incentive can encourage customers to leave you reviews. You also might consider getting involved in the community you’re located in or finding a brand-appropriate cause to support. Reviews can help boost your search engine rankings, and supporting causes and your community can help raise local awareness of your business.

Claim Business Listings

Another thing that can help you rank on search engines is claiming business listings. This is especially important for local searches, since when people are looking for somewhere to go to to obtain products or services, they are likely to prefer shopping more locally. Claiming business listings can literally put you on the same map as your competitors. Make sure that you optimize your business listings and that your contact information is correct. If you enter the wrong phone number or the wrong address, consumers won’t be able to contact you. Unless they are somehow already invested specifically in your business, they’ll probably just go to one of your competitors.

Visibility is huge for small businesses. To improve your visibility, network to improve your base of contacts. Earn positive attention for your business by garnering good reviews. Don’t forget to claim your business listings. These steps can help put your business literally on the same map as your competitors.

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