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How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out More

If you’re on a mission to get healthier, chances are you’re trying to work out more often. Sometimes, however, working out can seem like the least appealing part of your day — especially if you’re new to the grind. Encouraging yourself to squeeze in your daily workouts can be a challenge, but with the right mindset, you can teach yourself to make your training a habit. How can you motivate yourself to work out more often until daily exercise becomes second nature? Take a look below for a few helpful tips.

Start Small

When it comes to working out, everyone starts in the same place. People who train every day weren’t born with more motivation than you — they simply decided to make their workouts a priority and remained consistent over time. If you’re new to working out, start small. Try incorporating just 20 minutes of training into your daily routine at first; there’s no need to go full-force right off the bat. Once you’ve mastered 20 minutes, add an extra 10 minutes to your routine and continue from there. When you master small changes first, you’re more likely to maintain those changes over time. If you jump in too quickly and try to do too much at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up. Don’t make that mistake.

Work Out at Home

Just because gyms have a massive collection of specialized equipment doesn’t mean they’re the only place you can get a good workout. If you don’t love training around other people or you feel intimidated by the gym atmosphere, don’t let that stop you from exercising regularly! You can still get a great workout at home with just a few pieces of equipment or even your own body weight. Home workout machines have features that keep track of your progress as you exercise. Tracking your progress is critical if you plan to continue improving, so this nifty feature can keep you on track if your goal is to continue exercising regularly. Seeing your progress in front of you is often just the motivation you need to continue pushing toward your goals.

Set a Goal and Track Your Progress

Perhaps the best way to motivate yourself to work out is to set a specific fitness goal for yourself, complete with a date by which you plan to achieve it. Each day, track your progress toward your goal and include notes detailing the actions you’ve taken to propel yourself closer to your target. When you take the time each day to write out your goals and small achievements, you get a better picture of where you’re succeeding and where you can improve. Motivation is fleeting, but dedication is not. Even if you don’t feel particularly motivated to work out, dedication to your end goal can help push you to make choices that benefit you the most.

Motivating yourself to get up and move can be challenging. Just keep this in mind: Dedication always trumps motivation when it comes to achieving your goals. If you’ve set a goal and hope to achieve it, only you can get yourself there.

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