How to Make Your Website Friendlier to People With Disabilities

As a business owner, you want every customer to have a positive experience with your company. When you create content and products, you should think about the needs of every person. Disabilities affect people all around the world. To create broad appeal on your website, here are some ways you can make your website user-friendly to people with disabilities.

Be Smart with Colors

Colors are important in conveying emotion and guiding the customer’s eye to certain objectives on your website. However, some people have “color blindness,” which prevents them from seeing the color combinations that others would. According to Pretty Links, to prevent issues with readability, you should make sure your website text color and backgrounds contrast. This will help people know where to go on your website.

You should also avoid clashing colors on your website. Colors opposite of each other on the color wheel work wonders for this. Think of a black-white combination or an orange-blue one. Every user of your website will appreciate the clarity on their eyes.

Use Subtitles and Descriptions

It is better to have too much information than too little when it comes to communication. This is especially true in user experience software. Under each tab, you should add subtitles to explain what users will find on your website. While this might seem excessive to you at first, customers who rely on software to read descriptions for them will thank you.

According to Nashville Marketing Systems, speech software can read an alt description of a photo when the user hovers their cursor over it. This has made vast improvements in peoples’ lives, but business owners need to be aware of this.

Be Thoughtful with Words

Your business’s voice is essential in communicating your values and instructions. Because of this, your writing must be clear, concise, and comprehensible to a large group of people. You need to invest your time and money into completing the monumental task of user experience.

Some people with disabilities may claim they do not understand what you are trying to say. According to Try Design Lab, people who are on the autism spectrum might take your figures of speech as literal instruction. You must be aware of your words.

As you work on improving your website functionality, your customers will thank you. People who have disabilities will promote your business because they can tell you care. Though this effort can seem complicated and difficult, you should focus on the customers’ needs, and you will be successful.

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