How to Make Your Brain Work For You, Not Against You

Mental health has become a major area of concern amongst the population. People are beginning to realize that mental health challenges can make it so your brain is working against you and this makes challenges all the more difficult. Fortunately, there are ways you can change this and make your brain work for you.

Use Positive Self-Talk

Using positive self-talk can be very beneficial to your mental and emotional health. When you use positive self-talk, you have a more optimistic mindset. For example, instead of thinking you aren’t good enough, you can tell yourself that you can do better next time. Using positive self-talk can help you be more resilient to stressful situations and it also helps you to feel more confident. If you have positive thoughts about yourself, it’s easier to feel more secure around other people. You can even improve your relationships with others because it helps you to pick up on the positive traits of others. As you get started, you may want to find some affirmations to help you get used to using positive self-talk.

Be Gentle With Yourself

If you are dealing with challenges or struggles, it can be easy to be unkind to yourself. You should always be gentle with yourself, but this is especially true if you’re struggling. Similar to using positive self-talk, you need to approach your behavior positively and be understanding. It’s also important to be aware of why you might do the things you do. If you have struggled with drug abuse, your addiction has changed your brain and how it functions. Your brain becomes hardwired to go after that addiction. So, if you have a relapse, don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand why the relapse happened and make a plan to do better next time.

Practice Mental Self-Care

Just as your body needs food and sleep, your mind needs care as well. Set aside time each day just to focus on your mind. As you establish your routine, considering trying meditation. This allows you to eliminate distractions and focus only on the present moment. Meditation can be very helpful for calming your mind and easing stress. You may also find it helpful to practice gratitude daily. Gratitude helps you recognize the positive experiences in your life and the more you do it the more positivity you’ll see.

It’s become apparent that mental health and other challenges have a major effect on daily life. To work through your struggles, it’s helpful to find ways to make your mind work with you. Doing so can allow you to not only face challenges but to progress beyond them.

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