How to Make Remote Learning Work for Students

Now more than ever before it has become increasingly important to make remote learning work for the students in our lives. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, finding ways to engage students in the remote learning process is essential to helping those students succeed this year and build a strong future for themselves.

Set Goals

One of the best things for student success in any situation is setting goals and find ways to meet those goals. This is even more important in the online environment. Because much of remote learning is more self-led than other forms of schooling, effective goal setting can help students stay on task and get the most out of their education.

Try to set effective goals that are measurable and can be broken into smaller steps. Large goals can feel overwhelming when you don’t have a plan to make them happen, so work with your child or student to set attainable goals and plan out the best possible way to reach them. Getting students involved in the goal setting process will help them feel invested in those goals and more willing to do the work to complete them.

A Learning Management System

Remote learning would be almost impossible without the help of an effective learning management system. Proper learning management systems should keep students engaged in the work they are doing. There are tons of learning management programs out there, and different schools take advantage of different systems. It can be helpful to go through a tutorial on the learning software your student’s school is using so you are familiar with the process and can help your child navigate the system. The more you know, the more able you will be to help your student get the most out of their remote learning situation.

Supplementary Tools

Having a good grasp on additional tools that can help your student be successful will help you better teach them and make their learning more effective. From video calls to online games and tutoring systems, supplementary tools are available to help your student through any part of the remote learning experience.

Try experimenting with new tools frequently and keep the best in your rotation to support students and give them options for their learning. Online learning can be difficult for a lot of students, so by finding additional tools to help them succeed, you can make a positive impact on their education.

Parent Involvement

School is always more effective with the help of frequent parent involvement. It can be difficult to know how to become more involved in your child’s education, but with online learning, that can be a little easier to accomplish.

Take time to check in with your kids every day to see what they are working on and make yourself a resource to them when they need help. If you’re at home when your children are doing their schoolwork, don’t be afraid to spend a little time working on it with them and learning together. If your children know that you are invested in their education, they will be more likely to ask for your help if they need it.


As with any task where people are working together, communication is key for successful remote learning. There should be frequent and clear communication between teachers, students, and their parents to ensure everyone is one the same page and no important information slips through the cracks.

Make it a point to communicate regularly with the other people involved in your student’s education so you can stay on top of things and help your child be more successful.


One of the most important things for effective learning is consistency. Help your child set up a schedule that works for them and stick to it. It can be incredibly overwhelming when important projects are put off or education is put to the side only to have to catch up really quickly with a tight deadline. Instead of putting things off, encourage your child to work towards their educational goals every day so they don’t fall behind or begin to feel discouraged. A consistent schedule will help everyone stay on top of their tasks and get things done on time.

A Reward System

In addition to a regular schedule, having a reward system in place can help your child to feel more supported and motivated in the work they are doing. Think about rewards that your kids are interested in and make them a normal part of the education they receive. The rewards should be used to celebrate the meeting of goals but remember to make sure those goals are appropriate for the particular student. What works for one student may not be effective or may even be harmful for another. In fact make sure to personalize the goals to the individual students skills and abilities so they aren’t discouraged or frustrated because they can’t meet the goals and receive the rewards they hoped for.

Interactive Activities

Remote learning can get a little boring for students, so it is essential to include interactive activities that increase engagement and encourage learning. Try planning activities that touch on what is being learned in the virtual classroom but require students to do things around the house and get off of their computer screens. Looking at screens all day can be draining and with interactive activities, students are more able to focus and retain the information they are learning in their virtual lessons. Crafts and games can engage students and make them excited to participate in class.

Helping students to learn effectively online is a huge challenge for parents and teachers alike. It is lucky that we live in a time with so many resources available to improve and even make online learning possible. Take advantage of the different way learning is happening now and find ways to utilize the medium to increase learning and encourage curiosity from your students and children. Effective online learning can help set your student up for whatever the future has in store.

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