How to Make Patients More Comfortable at Your Healthcare Office

You want your medical office to be perceived as the best place for not just current medical patients, but future ones as well. This includes making patients comfortable and giving them the understanding that your care will be kindest and best for them. What subtle things tell your patients that you are the best office? How can you make patients more comfortable at your healthcare office?

Create a Positive Waiting Experience

If your sitting area is badly outdated, whether with dated or dirty fabrics, or if your carpet is not freshly cleaned, your patients notice. They’ll decide that you aren’t up to date, nor that you care about details. Are you playing Fox News? Even for the oldest patients, such things as OANN and FOX, which are known to be unreliable, are polarizing and poor choices. According to WNPR, even having too many seats in the waiting area is an issue. Patients think their wait will be longer!

Thoughtful Office Design

According to Podium, 69 percent of dentists believe patients pay attention to office design to measure competence. Modern design allows space between patrons, especially due to COVID-19 restrictions. They want your office staff to be behind glass, and to be wearing masks if they are not. Natural design is in, with healthcare spaces looking more and more like health spas. You want an easy flow between reception spaces and the doorways to the back offices. Everything should be set up for the comfort of your patients.

Examination Room Layout

Exam rooms layout matters greatly to the feelings of security, even subconsciously, to your patients.  According to the AAFP Foundation, patient exam tables should be aligned in such a way that when someone comes in from, or peeks into, the door, they cannot see the table. This is to help with patient privacy in case of mistakes, but also subconsciously gives your patient more confidence about your intent for their examination. There should be more than two chairs in the room: ideally three, including your own, so if your patient brings a family member, they have a place to sit as well.

Each patient should know that your office is up to date, clean, and aligned with their needs…just as you want to be perceived. You have worked diligently for your office to have those high standards, and keep them. This way, your patients can always know that your up to date office reflects your up to date practices!

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