How to Improve Your Home Service Business’s Reputation Online

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you’re selling yourself short. These days, a business needs to have an online presence in order to be successful. Online is the number one way that people are going to try to research your company. But if you are online, how do you get yourself seen? How do you make sure that you have a good reputation?

Interact with Your Customers

The first step to your online reputation is how you interact with your customers online. You should be on all relevant social media platforms. On each platform, you need to have a plan for how you are going to post and engage your customers. When others see their friends positively engaging with your business, that will boost your image in their eyes.

You should also consider the frequency and relevancy and type of ad campaigns you run. You want your ads to generate positive energy. They need to be frequent enough that people become familiar with your name. Just don’t become annoying. Certain ads and popups can really frustrate consumers if the ads interrupt their activities.


Earn Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are the best way to build a solid online reputation. When someone is interested in your business, they are going to research you online. That means they are going to be reading through all the comments people have made about their experiences with you. In fact, up to 44 percent of home improvement customers use online reviews to find professionals. You want to make sure that they find positive reviews.

In order to get good reviews, train your employees on how to interact with customers. Teach them how to de-escalate situations when a customer is dissatisfied. When an employee finishes a project, have them ask for a review. The employee should have a tablet or laptop available to allow the customer to leave the review at that moment.


Respond to Negative Reviews

While positive reviews can boost your reputation, negative reviews can cripple it. Don’t ignore negative reviews because potential customers won’t. A negative review is an opportunity for you to learn how your business can do better. You can also use it to show potential customers that you will fix things that go wrong. Respond publicly to the review and see if you can work out a satisfactory solution.


With a positive reputation, more people will want to bring you their business. They will be able to trust that you will get the job done right. This will allow you to back up your claim for quality service. It will even allow you to start charging more for your services.

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