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How to Improve Your Dental Health Regimen for a Brighter Smile

Everyone wants a beautiful, glowing smile. But have you ever thought about how your dental health affects how your teeth look on the outside? Well, it does affect it. Here are several things you should implement into your dental health regimen each day in order to take care of your dental implants correctly and/or to get that brighter smile you’ve always wanted.

Brush the Right Way

Is there really a right way to brush? Yes! Unfortunately, it is not enough to either passively swivel your toothbrush around your mouth, or harshly scour your teeth like one might scrub barnacles off of a ship.

First, you must pick the right ingredients for your toothpaste. According to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, you should periodically clean your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide helps to both whiten and disinfect your teeth. Next, make sure that you use a soft-bristle brush to gently remove plaque and food off of the surface of your teeth using short, back-and-forth strokes. Don’t forget to clean the inside surfaces of your teeth as well as your tongue. Be very careful around the gums, but you can very gently rub your toothbrush across them as well.

Remember to Floss

Yeah, yeah—hardly anyone likes to floss. If you check here you will learn that it is a critical part of your dental health regimen. The first step to making flossing a more comfortable process is using the right length of floss. You should be using 10–18 inches of floss each time, wrapping it around your middle fingers to provide a tight grip. As the floss becomes dirty, you will want to unwind the clean sections of floss to use for the next sections of teeth.

Next, make sure that you are gentle with your strokes, especially as you bring the floss in towards the center of the tooth underneath the gums. Use gentle ‘sawing’ motions as the floss slides between each tooth. While it may feel painful at first, your gums will thank you for the minute or two you spend each day flossing.

Eat a Calcium-Rich Diet

No matter how much you brush or floss your teeth, your diet will either make or break (pun intended) your teeth’s health. Without sufficient calcium, according to Delta Dental Insurance, your teeth can become brittle and weak. The best sources of calcium include yogurt, cheese, fish, almonds, milk, and dark-leafy greens. Everyday, make yourself a smoothie with almond milk, yogurt, spinach, and frozen fruits to get the calcium and vitamins you need for a healthy smile.

It can be hard adjusting a regimen. However, once you start formulating healthy habits, you are more likely to enjoy a glowing smile well into old age. After all, a couple minutes a day spent brushing, flossing, and eating right does more than you think.

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