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How to Help an Aging Loved One That’s No Longer Independent

Seeing a loved one become more reliant on others can be a difficult and heartbreaking experience. Your main goal becomes to help them feel more comfortable during their transition into dependence. This can be accomplished by keeping a couple of key concepts in mind.

Move Them in With You

If you have the means to support an aging loved one, you can bring them into your home and let them live with you. This is a lot more hands-on than other options, but it can often provide much-needed comfort to your loved one. Having them live with you is a great option if they do not suffer from any high maintenance health issues or if you have previous experience taking care of people in similar positions. Before they move in, you might have to prepare your home to better accommodate their aging needs. This may include having a bedroom on the main floor and making other parts of the home more accessible.

Put Them in an Assisted Living Facility

Another great option for a dependent aging relative is to relocate them to an assisted living facility. You might want to choose this option if your family member requires more medical attention or if they are no longer in a stable condition. While it can be a difficult decision to place your loved one in the care of someone else, assisted living facilities have trained professionals to help them. Still, the transition into a facility can be an especially difficult part for seniors. To help your loved one, you should decorate their room in a way that reminds them of home.

Spend Time with Them

Most importantly, you can best help your loved one by frequently visiting them in their assisted living home or spending time with them whenever you can. You have to remember that in some cases, parts of their memory could be fading, and your senior relative wants to hold on to whatever memories they can. Additionally, spending time with them can improve their mood, which can in turn improve their overall health. Conversation can help stimulate their brains and help them feel included in your life.

Helping a loved one transition into old age is not something that people look forward to. At the end of the day, your aging relative needs to be placed somewhere that they will be taken care of. It is also up to you to help them feel loved. By doing these things, you can ease this process for those you love.

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