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How to Get Through the Your Final Exams in School

College students all over the country are learning how to incorporate online learning into their ongoing education, with the latest waves of COVID-19 spreading. Stress has not been higher on college aged-students for several decades.The US has not faced a similar pandemic for a hundred years. So how can you make sure you are prepared for finals, even with all of the stress around you?

Stay Healthy

This seems like obvious counsel during this pandemic year, but one of your most important jobs in school is to take care of your body, so that your mind can be free to do the work of learning and growing. This includes getting enough sleep, staying hydrating, and eating healthy foods. You cannot remember needed information for tests if your immune system is down, or if you are groggy from lack of sleep. The added bonus of making sure you’re being careful and staying healthy is that, of course, you need a strong immunity right now to fend off illnesses large and small.

Make a Study Plan

Multitasking can diminish your capacity to learn. This can include listening to music while working, having a TV on while studying, or just general noisiness and distractions from a dorm or home. There are many options available to students who need to block out sound while studying. Noise cancelling headphones work well, but can be expensive. Another inexpensive option is noise blocking headphones. These are great for noisy tasks like watching fireworks, but also work wonderfully for blocking out noises while you study. Some students even wear theirs while sleeping! Put your phone on silent, do not answer texts, and concentrate only on your study.

Arrive Early to Review Your Notes

However late you stay up, scrabbling into the door at the last minute is not going to help your test taking skills. Be fully prepared for your exam, including knowing the time and place, having all of your supplies, and making sure you can arrive early enough to look over your notes once you arrive. This gives your brain a chance to redirect itself from being outdoors, or just general morning jumbled thoughts that can fluster your abilities to remember what you have studied. Give yourself ample time to sit down and breathe before beginning your exam.

Finals are difficult. They cover everything you have studied in your course, and your grade is influenced by them. However, if you have been working diligently throughout the term, and have been reviewing your notes, you need not be afraid of them. Stay as healthy as possible, and get enough rest. Review your notes, and arrive early to refocus your mind. Doing these things will help to ensure that you do your best on your final exams.

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