How to Enjoy Your Backyard Patio in Peace

The ideal patio looks different for everyone. Is it soft lighting, gentle music, and catching up on your writing, or grilling, laughter, and rock music playing? Whichever you prefer, you don’t want to be annoyed by bugs, neighbors, or other annoyances while enjoying your yard. How can you enjoy your patio in peace?

Add Privacy

Privacy helps immensely with both your concentration and the sense of being alone in the world that you want when sitting on your patio. Not everybody needs privacy, but if you do, investing in a fence is a great plan. If you can’t use fencing, according to The Spruce, finding ways to use plants and even tapestries to invoke a sense of mental privacy is a great option. You don’t need a lot of physical space to create a private mental and spiritual space. You do need to designate a space, whether by using fencing or merely establishing seating away from public spaces.

Repel Pests

There are some pests, like mosquitoes and ticks, which can bring disease with them, so make sure to use good repellants when outside. According to Proterra Pest Control, using strong scents such as citronella, garlic or peppermint can repel bees. There are candles available, and oil lamps, which burn citronella oil and make it possible to ward off mosquitoes as well as other pests. This way you avoid the annoyance of midges and “no-see-ums” while enjoying your space in peace.

What Makes You Happy

What is peaceful to you? What will make you happy in your own space? This varies dramatically from person to person. If this means cushions, peaceful lights, and a gentle mini fountain for water sounds, do it! According to Houzz, peaceful sounds can drown out outside noises, and this gives your space a mental space where you might not be able to create a physically private space. Lights can do this as well. Finding a way to add soft lighting in a specific area can designate that area as specific to your mind and heart.

You can create privacy both physically and mentally to make a perfect and peaceful patio space, regardless of how big your patio is or what you need to do there. Consider what you need for your own family and the constraints of your patio’s dimensions. You’re truly only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to bring soft fabrics inside when the weather is rainy, and your private oasis space should last for a long time.

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