How to Convince Customers to Switch to Your Business from Another Brand

Sharing your product with customers can be difficult, especially in today’s competitive environment. There seems to be a trusted brand for everything—just look at Apple’s iPhone, Skippy’s peanut butter or Crest’s toothpaste. Your market may seem competitive, but if you work on some of the suggestions below, it will help you get the customers’ attention.

Highlight Your Unique Qualities

One of the most effective ways to get your product into the consumers’ hands is to show what makes your product different. Is it a new technology that has not been used before? Is it a healthier alternative for a different product? Does it fill a specific need in the community you live in?

Thinking about the audience you want to reach will help immensely. Embracing your unique-ness and product identity will help customers connect with your business. Without this identity, the product you sell is just another cleaning supply or food product customers to glance over on the store shelves.

Be Persistent

If your product doesn’t succeed immediately, don’t feel bad. Marketing your product and its identity is a long-term goal that demands gradual effort. Even the biggest companies in the world have spent billions of dollars on advertising to get their company seen, and it doesn’t always work.

When marketing your own product, know that messages need repeating 7 to 20 times before they stick. That seems like a lot, but these gradual messages will eventually be remembered by potential customers, and can encourage them to give your product a try. Being patiently persistent is one of the best ways to gain customers.

Create a Community

Another important long-term goal you should work on is developing a community for your product. People love talking about products and companies that they trust, and with the Internet this has become incredibly easy to build—just start a Facebook and Twitter account and you are set up to build your community.

People who care about your product will be able to share it with other people, and you can even answer customer questions on social media. This also means your product will be safe and advertised during tough economic times. Building a strong community like this during the digital age is essential.

The important thing to remember when building your business is that everyone is going through this. The competitive business world can be overwhelming, but if you know your product’s identity, create a business environment that gets consumers talking about your product, and persistently advertise to this audience, you will have a greater chance to succeed.

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