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How to Be a Responsible Citizen During the COVID-19 Crisis

Earlier this year, we were hit with a global pandemic and it has greatly impacted how we live our daily lives. It can be difficult to see how you might make an impact, but it’s important that we all step up and try to be responsible citizens. This is a fight we’re all in together and so we all need to do our part.

Check On At-Risk Neighbors

While we are all advised to stay home as much as possible, there are some individuals with underlying conditions who do not have the option to leave home at all. For their safety, they need to stay isolated and this can be very difficult for them. If you live near anyone in this situation, be a courteous neighbor and reach out to them. Check in with them regularly to see what they need. Offer to get their groceries for them or run errands. If they aren’t able to do their yard work themselves, you can do it for them. Cook them a meal once a week or have your kids make nice cards for them. You could even play online games with them. Whatever you choose, let your at-risk neighbors know that you care. Stay safely connected with others.

Wear a Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new normal for us which includes the use of face masks. Wearing face masks is essential because it protects others if you are sick or contagious. The mask stops you from spreading pathogens through coughing, sneezing, etc. If you have contracted COVID-19, it could be weeks before you present symptoms or you could even be asymptomatic. This means that you could be transmitting it without even knowing. This is why wearing a mask in public is so important.

Face masks help protect high-risk individuals from COVID-19 transmission. Those with underlying conditions are more susceptible to COVID-19. Be courteous and wear a mask to protect others in the event that you are asymptomatic.

Social Distance

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is essential that you limit your contact with others. Exposing yourself to contact with others could risk you contracting the disease and then spreading it to even more people.  When possible stay home. If you need to leave your home, make sure you follow all regulations. Maintain six feet between you and other people, avoid large gatherings, and wear your mask. Safety should be your number one priority.

We are all accountable for how this pandemic progresses. Stay safely connected with and supportive of those around you. Wear a mask and limit your contact with others. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility and do their part.

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