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How Safe Are High School Sports For Kids?

Go team! School sports are a great way for your children to make friends and learn discipline as well as develop their strengths as athletes. Many schools are known for their sports teams, and popular athletes still rule the school. However, how safe are high school sports? The possibility of injuries and safety precautions are a few factors to rule in before signing your child up for the next season.

Many Students Join Them

High school is a time for teenagers to figure out who they really are and what they may want to pursue as a career in the future. Students may choose chorus and theater, but studies show there are many benefits of joining high school sports, including the opportunity for a college scholarship. With the global tradition of watching sports at home, it’s no wonder high school students want to experience the action first-hand.


Depending on the climate of your state, different sports are more popular than others. However, there’s still a risk of injuries regardless of the sport. The fact is that brain damage can occur in football players even without concussions. This hands-on sport can damage a teenager and affect their life in the long run. Another common injury is sprains and fractures for any athletic activity. It’s important to research your child’s sports program to make sure they will have the proper athletic gear before starting a season and that the coach will assist with making sure gear is worn even during practice.

Medical Emergencies

A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can make a young athlete go far. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that can make a high school sports player sick if they aren’t taking care of themselves or do not have proper training. Hydration is key to preventing heat exhaustion, while well-washed gear will eliminate the risk of rashes and hives. High school athletes on prescribed medications should be monitored for safety. In addition, knowledgeable coaches must know when to sit a player on the bench to prevent injury.

Overall, high school sports create a community for both players and their supporters. Parents who consider enlisting their child into a sports team can ease their stress by researching the coaches as well as general precautions for the sport in question. High school athletics can lead to a brighter future with the proper training and will to succeed.Looking for more articles about home and family? We recommend reading: Preventing Injuries in Your Athletic Child

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