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How #MeToo Changed Our Culture of Consent

The #MeToo Movement is continuing to redefine sexual consent as a legal and social event. Women are coming forth sharing their ideas of sexual abuse as well as their personal experiences. Personal space boundaries are being redefined as women express their ideas of what they consider as a safe and comfortable exchange at home, in the workplace, and socially.


Healthy sexual relationships depend on the consent of all parties involved. Today, casual sexual relationships are a part of the social norm, so boundaries need to be established. Trauma from sexual exploitation extends long after a sexual event occurs. Most abuse is a violent act of power that occurs as a predatory act. But it can be more than that. Even in an established relationship, abuse happens regularly and often. The #MeToo movement is openly addressing these issues to redefine appropriate sexual boundaries.

The Law

One of the biggest influences the #MeToo movement has had is the way the courts are viewing women’s rights when it comes to sexual abuse. Some states have proposed expanding the window of time within which a survivors of sexual abuse is able to recover damages. Women are legally stepping up in groups against social and workplace sexual predators. In the past, abuse victims were reluctant to address their experience in court because of the rigors of the process. Due to the #MeToo movement, the court is listening closely to these types of claims.

No Means No!

The #MeToo movement is gradually putting the no back into “No!” Men are starting to listen rather than overpower their partner sexually. Consequences for their behavior is gaining ground socially as well as legally. Stories of sexually abusive incidents are being shared on social media as well as other social outlets. This movement is shining the light on abusers that have been operating in the dark corners of our lives, just think about the significance of the Harvey Weinstein trail and the #MeToo movement.

Disrespect for women’s sexual rights is a global concern. The #MeToo Movement is changing the idea of what is consent in many cultures around the world. Action along with women clustering to confront sexual predators has gained ground to change laws as well as social ideas concerning abuse. The goal is to make sexual abuse an obsolete and antiquated idea of personal and social behaviors that are no longer tolerated. Agree to continue to put the pressure on until this goal is reached.

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