Horror Film ‘The Keeping’ to Begin Production in Tennessee

After an entire year of extreme development and pre-production, The Keeping, a film that halted production nearly one year ago, has finally once again commenced filming. Production on the horror series is set to take place entirely in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and crews are already setting up shop-soon to be seeking talent.


If you haven’t heard anything about The Keeping yet, the film follows a small Illinois town wherein the inhabitants begin disappearing and eventually fond deceased. All eerie disappearances are linked to the same thing, a mysterious photograph. Several areas of East Tennessee are being transformed in the Illinois backdrop including cities like Johnson City and Erwin, Tennessee.


Executive Producer Michael Barnes stated,

“We scouted several areas of the south; Atlanta, Louisiana and even Virginia. It just wasn’t logical to shoot the show in Illinois due to weather and budget constraints.”


Along with Barnes, East Tennessee filmmaker Dalton Stout will direct the series plot. Stout has long been heavily involved with bringing the show to Tennessee and he even helped pinning the script.


Stout said,

“I didn’t see the series happening anywhere else. It makes sense to do it here.”


Filming originally began early in 2016 but was halted due to budget and conflicting schedules with Stouts involvement with other film endeavors. The principal photography has greatly been redone and will continue throughout 2017.


When asked about how long filming would take, Stout responded with,

“We’ll be filming off and on for at least six months.” He said the film crew will be from out of town, primarily from Atlanta.

Barnes said of the production crew,

“We’re bringing on a helluva team; all new folks. The old team was great, but the vision has changed a little for the show.”  

Film studio, Toxic Eagle Studios is the mind behind The Keeping, but to produce a series of this magnitude, a collaboration is a must. August Twenty-Fifth Productions is associate producing the show, replacing the former production company Crouted Forever Entertainment out of North Carolina.


When asked about the change, Stout said,

“Ya know, the guys are Crouted Forever are awesome, I’m hoping they will join us again during later episodes, but August Twenty-Fifth are right on track with us.”



Emily Grace Bell, the CEO of August Twenty-Fifth Productions chimed in enthusiastically with,

“I’m pumped! A horror series? You can’t go wrong with that. People are going to love it!”




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