Guest Writers Wanted


Hello! We are happy to see that you are interested in guest posting for Writing Mind and to make everything simple, we’ve out together a few guidelines to make sure all content is acceptable on our site. We love to read and share the written work of others and we hope you have fun writing your post!

Writing Mind is a place where work from all niche’s can be shared with others. We publish articles/blog posts on the following:

  • Entertainment News (Interviews, movie reviews, film industry news and other written work pertaining to the entertainment industry)
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home and Family
  • Dating and Marriage
  • Business News and Press Releases
  • Holidays (Share holiday craft ideas, recipes and other holiday articles)
  • Technology (Have a new app? Share it with an article!)
  • Travel (Travel tips and itineraries are always great!)
  • Short Stories (Any genre but we do not allow X-rated or pornographic on the site)


Here are a few important guidelines to follow when writing your guest post for Writing Mind:


  • All guest posts submitted will be checked for originality. If your post has been sent to others, please do not send it to us.


  • Make a great title for your article!


  • Please check all grammar and spelling prior to submitting your work. We can fix little errors but prefer this is handled by the writer.


  • Length should be between 500 and 1500 words. We do publish longer articles, but these need to be exceptional!


  • Send all articles in as a Word doc file


  • Provide a copyright free photo along with your submission. Do not attach to your document but attach to your email as a jpg file.


  • When articles are submitted, they become the property of Writing Mind and cannot be published on other websites.


  • Writing Mind allows one follow link to be placed in the article. We do not allow links to spam websites and we will check to verify that the link goes to a validated website before posting. To stay within Google’s guidelines, content sent to us that is spammy or incoherent just to get links placed will be rejected.



We also need an author bio and a photo to place with your guest article. Be sure to include details on your expertise on the subject matter, social media links and a link to your business website or other website that you want to share.



To submit your guest post, you can email: or like us on Facebook and send a message!

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