Flexible Industries That Also Pay You Well

Convenience is a big deal in today’s society. Consider all the money that is spent on smart home technology and electronic devices. It serves to make life easier. It’s only reasonable to expect the desire for convenience to extend to employment, at least to some extent. Of course, being flexible isn’t enough these days either. The pay needs to be enough to pay the bills. So what industries offer both flexibility and good pay?

Software Development

Considering the rapid pace at which technology develops and the ever-deepening role it plays in the everyday lives of billions of people, it’s safe to say that software development is an essential industry in today’s world. This industry is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. With a median salary of $110,000, those working in software development can expect to earn a decent wage. Many jobs can be done either in person or remotely. You’ll likely be working with a team, which means you don’t have 100% freedom with your schedule. That said, the hours you work will likely be dictated by project deadlines and the projects themselves in a majority sense.

Real Estate

Real estate is another industry that offers good pay and flexibility. You won’t be able to just wake up one morning, decide you want to be a real estate agent, and start work the next day though. To start your real estate career, you need to become licensed in your state. This process takes time, so account for it in your career plan. Once you become licensed, you may need to work for a broker for a time. Afterward, you may be able to become an independent agent, setting your own hours and determining your own price.

Digital Marketing

Businesses today rely more heavily on e-commerce than before. This means there’s a demand for digital marketers. Digital marketers can work as employees for a marketing firm, or they can freelance their services. You can even start your own digital marketing company if you want. With salaries ranging from $40,000-$284,000 per year, there’s a lot of room for earning potential. If you go freelance or start your own company, you’ll have the option to set your own schedule. Thanks to the digital nature of digital marketing, it’s also perfectly positioned to allow for flexibility in terms of where you work as well. If your workplace supports remote work, as long as you have the internet, you’re good to go.

If you need both flexibility in your work and good pay, you may want to take a look at the industry you work in to see if that’s an option. Fortunately, software development, real estate, and digital marketing are a few of the industries where you can have your cake and eat it too. Is it time for you to make a career change?

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