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Left to Right: Season One: Candice (Contestant) Tina(Contestant) Emily (Show Host) Charles (Contestant) Jon Hamblin (Trainer) Gary (Contestant) Taylor (Contestant) ~Facebook
Left to Right: Season One: Candice (Contestant) Tina(Contestant) Emily (Show Host) Charles (Contestant) Jon Hamblin (Trainer) Gary (Contestant) Taylor (Contestant)

Over the last decade we have all seen a plethora of weight loss shows on television. Shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss are on seemingly nightly on a variety of channels and they focus on showing severely obese people struggling to lose massive amounts of weight in a very unhealthy period of time.



Fit 4 Life, the latest weight loss show debuted their first season on the CW Network on January 11, 2016. In the weeks since the season one premiere, contestants have lost a combined weight of nearly 300 pounds. That’s pretty impressive since the show has five contestants and has only been on air for just four weeks.



Unlike other weight loss shows that many are used to seeing on television, Fit 4 Life does not force contestants to starve or work out until they develop negative health issues or have physical injury. The show was created by Get Fit 4 Life, Inc., a non-profit based in East Tennessee that strives to teach people, adults and children, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise.

Fit 4 Life TV ~Facebook
Fit 4 Life TV


The non-profit travels to local Tennessee schools and participates in health and fitness events throughout Tennessee to bring an awareness of obesity as well as to help raise awareness of bullying in local schools. On top of this, they have partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank, a large food bank in East Tennessee, to raise awareness and organize food drives for Tennessee residents that are in need of food.



As of the fourth episode of the show, more than 460 pounds of food have been donated to Second Harvest to be distributed to local food pantries in the region. The organization will host the food drive until the end of season one in April. The show has also decided to donate one pound of food for every pound that each contestant loses during the first season. This is a great incentive for contestants to strive to lose weight as they not only help their own health, but their weight loss will also help feed someone else.

Fitness Trainer Jonathan Hamblin
Fitness Trainer Jonathan Hamblin

Fit 4 Life features fitness expert Jonathan Hamblin, also known as Big Jon, who has been a personal fitness trainer since the early 1990’s. He has successfully trained body builders, power athletes, MMA fighters, boxers, runners, fitness models and many others since he began training. Big Jon is an “in your face’ sort of trainer that works the contestants hard, but he is well-known as a “softie” and a shoulder to cry on when they need moral and emotional support during their physical change.



Hamblin has helped people that were severely obese (more than 600 pounds) lose weight through developing a healthy lifestyle with both diet and exercise. Once Big John gets hold of the contestants, they just seem to want to work even harder to really get their lives back on track when it comes to being healthy.



Fit 4 Life TV is not your traditional weight loss show where contestants go into overkill mode to drop an outrageous amount of weight in a short period of time. While the show focuses on weight loss, it strives to teach the contestants how to live a healthier life altogether with the right nutrition as well as necessary daily activity. Combining a healthy lifestyle with attainable goals for weight loss, the contestants are able to lose weight and will be able to maintain the weight loss when the season is over.

L-R: Contestants of Season One Candice, Charles, Gary, Taylor and Tina ~Facebook
L-R: Contestants of Season One Candice, Charles, Gary, Taylor and Tina

Over 35% of the adult population in the United States is obese and more than 19% of children aged two through nineteen are obese. Children tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents and when parents are not showing a child how to live a healthy lifestyle, chances are that the child will grow into adulthood with an unhealthy mindset for nutrition as well as fitness.



A television show like Fit 4 Life is a positive directive that parents and their children can watch together to learn about the overall health benefits of healthy foods and active lifestyles.



To watch the show you can visit the Fit 4 Life TV Website or you can watch on television on the CW Network. For local listings in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina please check here.



CW Network Airtimes are as follows:

· Monday- 6:30 am

· Thursday- 6:30 am

· Saturday- 2:00 pm

· Sunday- 6:00 pm



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