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Fit4Life TV Is About To Change More Lives

I’ve been trying for the last couple of years to lose weight, and unfortunately, had not really seen any success. I seem to lack the motivation to work out on my own and even when I started with a trainer, I still found myself slacking on the days that I was not training with him. Don’t get me wrong, my trainer is amazing and he has me working hard on the says I train with him. I just don’t seem to eat right nor do I work out as I need to on the days I am alone. One thing that I have really found inspiring however, has been watching the Fit4Life TV show since it started last year. I’ve watched many weight loss shows over the years but this one, well, it just grabbed me from the first show of season one and really got my attention. Thanks to the message on the show, I was able to really get back on track with my food as well as having the motivation to work out when I was on my own. Now, I find myself feeling even more motivated than ever when I am training with my personal trainer as well as when I am training on the days he isn’t there to guide me.


The popular East Tennessee based fitness show, Fit4Life TV which was created by the non-profit, GetFit4Life Inc. is well onto its way to begin the second season this fall. On Saturday, July 16, 2016, the show’s director, Karen Elkins, along with a panel of fitness experts will be interviewing members of the general public that want to vie for a spot on the season 2 contestant line-up. Unlike many of the other weight loss shows that have been televised over the years, Fit4Life TV strives to not only help contestants lose weight, but they do this in a healthy way by helping the contestants change their entire lifestyle when it comes to the foods they eat and of course, plenty of exercise. The show is a life-changing opportunity for the contestants but it also helps those that watch as they are able to see great tips for meals, exercises that they can do from their own living room and even great motivational ideas that can really help people see what living a healthy lifestyle can do for their lives.


In the United States nearly 70% of all men and women are considered overweight with more than 35% being obese.  In children, more than 32% are overweight with roughly 17% classified as obese. Obesity can, and does lead to many health problems, many that are serious or deadly including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes. Sleep apnea and other breathing issues as well as gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, back pain and even some cancers can be attributed to obesity. These are serious health problems and when people work to change their lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise, many can be reversed or completely eradicated with weight loss. If left unattended without a change in dietary and physical activity, many of these illnesses will cause death. This is what Fit4Life TV is working to combat. They help bring much needed motivation to people to get on the right track and stay on track as they work to turn their lives around.



To be a contestant on the show, you must be at least 18 years old and considered obese by medical standards. Your personal physician will need to write a statement allowing you to participate in an exercise program. You also need to be completely dedicated to working hard to really change your lifestyle by following the training program as well as eating right. You may be asking yourself now, “What’s the catch?” Well, there is no catch at all! According to the Fit4Life TV website, there are a few things that they do require all contestants to do and these rules must be adhered to strictly throughout the show. You can see the official contestant criteria on the website but let’s share a condensed version here of the show requirements for all contestants:


  1. You need to be outgoing!! Don’t show up to interview and just sit like a bump on a log and not say anything to the judges. While the show is geared to help motivate you to work hard, it is also something that the public will watch and contestants need to have personality!


  1. You need your own reliable transportation. This is very important because in order to be on the show, you actually have to show up at all of the filming dates. (There are 10 weeks of actual filming, so keep that in mind so you can honestly reflect on whether you can commit to this show) Plus, you will also need to have transportation from Day 1 all the way through the end of the season.  There will be quite a few places that you are going to need to drive to and from.



  1. You will work out with a Fit4Life Fitness Trainer 2 days weekly but you are also going to have to be able to get to the Fit4Life Fitness Center in Kingsport, Tennessee for cardio four days a week. That is six days weekly for a total of seven months from the start of the season all the way up to the grand finale that you are going to have to be able to commit to being at the gym on top of the scheduled filming dates.  This is definitely a big commitment, so be ready to work hard if you decide to audition!


To be considered as a contestant for the second season, interested parties need to fill out the application that can be found on the Fit4Life TV website and bring it to the Fit4Life Fitness Center on July 16, 2016. Interviews will be held from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM and it is going to be first come, first served only. If you want a shot at this and you feel that you really have what it takes, you need to arrive as early as possible because once they have enough people, they will not accept anyone that shows up too late.


Looking Back at Season One

Season One Contestants/ Facebook
Season One Contestants/ Facebook


Season One of Fit4Life TV was a huge success and featured five contestants that worked hard to not only drop hundreds of pounds between them, but to really change their lives for the better. The shows final winner, Charlie Hess (Team Orange), was able to lose 166 pounds while competing on the show and has done a great job since then of not only keeping the weight off, but also inspiring others to lead healthy lifestyles. Other contestants, Gary Bortz (Team Green), Candice Givens (Team Pink), Taylor Holt (Team Red) and Tina Overbeck (Team Blue) all lost at least 35% of their body weight or more during the season and have continued to lose weight and lead healthy lives since the filming ended. During the show, the combined weight loss was more than 639 pounds!

Season 1 Winner Charlie Hess (Team Orange)/Facebook
Season 1 Winner Charlie Hess (Team Orange)/Facebook


The 1st season ran for 12 episodes and each show presented not only physical challenges that each contestant had to overcome, but also plenty of great tips of healthy foods to eat, area restaurants that were working with the fitness team to offer healthy menu choices for their customers and plenty of laughter, tears and community spirit from those that became fans of the show. We watched as contestants worked hard enough to get sick, cry and even laugh at themselves and fellow contestants as they competed from one week to the next. The show is not something that people simply watched, but the producers and contestants were able to really bring the entire viewing audience together as a large, yet tightly woven community that felt motivated by what they were watching but also felt as if they became not fans, but true friends with the contestants and fitness team as they entered people’s homes via television or internet each week.


Whether you are single or married, with or without kids or wealthy or poor, Fit4Life TV can be the healthy catalyst to changing your life and ensuring that you develop long-term healthy choices for food as well as exercise. This show is a life-changing opportunity for not only the contestants, but most definitely for the community of viewers that watch every week. Led by fitness guru Jon Hamblin, viewers watched intently as he got in the faces of the contestants and pushed them to really reach their full potential but as he also showed great ways that anyone watching could work out at home without any gym equipment at all by using common household items or their own bodies. The show also took viewers with them to dine out at local eateries and showed great meal ideas to choose from when dining out. Fit4Life TV also worked with the community by donating hundreds of pounds of food to Second Harvest Food Bank as well as being able to financially donate and physically assist other local charities and events.



Whether they were working out in the gym, running a race or even taking a class in mixed martial arts, the season one contestants worked as hard as they possibly could and each of them were truly winners by the end of the season. In just a few weeks, fans of the show will be able to start rooting for an entirely new cast of contestants as the newcomers battle their way through the second season of the show to lose weight and turn their lives around.


To try your luck at being chosen as a contestant all you need to do is show up with outgoing personality and a true reason as to why the judges should choose you as a contestant. You will need to bring the application (already completed) to the audition and you will have a total of 60 seconds from the moment you enter the room to convince the judges that you should be on the show. This is not an opportunity to come in and lose a little weight, instead, it is an opportunity to work hard and really change your life forever. As a matter of fact, I myself need to lose more than 100 pounds and while I love this show as much as I do, I unfortunately don’t have the time to dedicate to the time requirements to be contestant but I will definitely be watching it again when season 2 starts!  I wish everyone the best of luck at the Fit4Life Fitness Center on July 16th!


Contestant Audition Information:

Date: July 16, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM til 4:00 PM


Fit4Life Fitness Center

4346 West Stone Drive

Kingsport, TN 37660


Watch the Season 1 Finale Below:




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