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Dental Care That Can Be Important Early on for Kids and Teens

Some dental issues can be incredibly annoying to resolve—particularly if you are older. This is why many dentists encourage certain procedures for teenagers and kids who are still growing haven’t developed complete bone structures. If you are a parent, you should check with your kids to resolve dental problems like these as fast as possible.

Erupted Wisdom Teeth

Taking care of wisdom teeth is pretty common for kids in their late teens. An erupted tooth is one that is starting to grow over the gums, and most wisdom teeth can cause pain and problems. Wisdom teeth often do not have time to grow, which can cause mouth damage and mess with your chewing.

Dentists often recommend this procedure for teenagers because they have a quicker recovery time, and the teeth are often just barely growing in. Ask your dentist if they think the procedure is necessary for your children. Who knows, they might not even have them at all!


Overbites are another common problem people face with their teeth. This is where the top part of your jaw overlaps the bottom part, hiding your bottom teeth and opening opportunities for teeth grinding. Hiring an orthodontist can help you get bite issues figured out when your children are young.

Usually, orthodontists can help realign and tighten your teeth to prevent a prevalent overbite. But there are many bite issues only an orthodontist can correct. Some kids may face the opposite situation and have an underbite, though this is significantly rarer. Ask your friends or dentist which orthodontists they recommend in your area.

Oral Hygiene Problems

Oral hygiene problems are easier to resolve when people are younger, which gives you (as a parent) more time to train and motivate your kids. If you have young children who have gotten cavities, they may have a “redo” when their baby teeth fall out in place of their nice ones. This sets the groundwork for instruction.

Daily brushing and biweekly flossing are great ways to prevent cavities. Encouraging your kids to brush their tongue and gums can prevent bad breath and gum disease, which is something people often overlook. Make dental hygiene part of their nightly schedule. If you have little kids, brush with them. This can set them up for a healthy dental pattern for the rest of their life.

Keeping up with dental care while your kids are at home will set them up well for life. Whether it is a medical or orthodontics procedure, or if it’s going back to the basics, their healthy smile will help them have additional confidence.

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