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My Journey With Weight Loss

Photo Credit: Kid Clutch
Photo Credit: Kid Clutch

Today began my official journey to losing the weight and getting fit! I spent most of the day sitting at my desk typing away as usual but I did take quite a few breaks to make feeble attempts at cleaning my kid’s rooms and trying to straighten the rest of the house up.

At noon I had a massage scheduled and I was happy to have an hour of total bliss and relaxation.

I took my son to Jiggy Ray’s Pizza for lunch today and I was really impressed with the salad bar. It’s been a while since I actually found a restaurant, especially a local restaurant, that has a salad bar that is fully stocked with fresh veggies. If you haven’t been to Jiggy Ray’s in Elizabethon, TN, you really should try it if you’re ever out this way and trying to find a good place to have lunch.

After lunch, my son and I drove over to Evolution Sports Gym to sign up for a membership. Right now, they’re running a really good special so I went ahead and signed both of us up for a year. This is where I’ll be working out with the trainer and also on my own for the next year or so.

After we paid and got our membership cards, it was time to pick my daughter up from track after school and then head back to the gym to meet the personal trainer. Thankfully, he isn’t the type of trainer that wanted to make me suffer on my first day.

Photo Credit: Jeff Blackler
Photo Credit: Jeff Blackler

He had me walk on the treadmill, which he said he would never do again, but he wanted to see what my heart rate was when I got up to a mile. Apparently it was where it needed to be because I didn’t pass out and die and I was still physically capable of running through a few quick exercises to see what I was able to do and learn what we will be working on this coming week.

My trainer told me he was going to start me slow and build up over time. He doesn’t want me to end up hurting myself or quitting because I’m being pushed so hard that I can’t do it. Did I mention that I am extremely out of shape and that I was really glad to hear him say that he’s starting me out slowly? Well, I am!

After an hour, it was time to go. My son had been working out on his own and I could tell that he had worked out pretty hard. I must say that I was proud to see him working out on his own. My daughter was working out as well and she luckily found two little girls to play with. One great thing about the gym, there is always something for everyone no matter the age!

Tomorrow I’ll be home but I’m going to walk on the treadmill for as long as possible. I’ll be hitting the gym again on Wednesday to work out with my trainer! I’m willing to bet that my arms are going to be sore tomorrow from the tiny bit of the routine he had me do tonight. Quite honestly, I’m anxiously anticipating the day that my entire body hurts from working out. That’s going to be the day that I really know I’m working hard on the new me.

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