Indie Horror Movie ‘Cracks’ is Straight Up Creepy

Horror Movie Set to Debut in Greenville


2017 was a great year for psychological thrillers and even semi-horror with the release of films including Get Out, Rings and Jigsaw but now that 2017 has breezed by and the summer of 2018 is slowly waning away and fall is on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about the horror awaiting us this coming haunting season. One film that is going to be well worth the wait is the upcoming horror movie, Cracks which is set to premier in Greenville, South Carolina this year.

Cracks is a low budget Indie collaboration of South Carolina based filmmakers Dean Ferreira of Third Mind Films and Silas James Rowland Green Glass Capture, a video production company. Ferreira also directed the romantic comedy film,,  Mister Academy starring Lauren Paige Wilson, Aaron Nicholas Brakefield and Merritt Vann which premiered on Valentines Day.

Rowland, a director from the Greenville, South Carolina area has worked with music videos and several feature films while Ferreira has worked on several feature films and short films.  Rowland has big goals to bring Hollywood to South Carolina while Ferreira strives to continue bringing quality entertainment to Greenville and with the work that both have accomplished so far, they seem to be well on their way to doing just that.  


Silas James Rowland of Green Glass Capture

Cracks storyline revolves around a young psychiatrist who lives an unstable life and feels uneasy when she must be away from her home. Lacking the stability needed to venture outside the walls of her own home soon lead her to become trapped between the walls of her home and the mind she needs to use to escape. While the film has yet to debut, one can only imagine the creepiness that will exude as we watch the films lead as she begins to unwind and seemingly fall through the cracks that will lead to what seems a promising path of horror as she roams not only her home, but through her mind itself.

The film stars Lauren Paige Wilson (Mister Academy), Matthew Merritt, Myles Moore (Nashville), Jamon Meredith, Chantey Colet and Merritt Vann (Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda) and other talented up and coming actors that you won’t want to miss when the film debuts.

Actor Lauren Paige Wilson Photo Credit: IMDB

It’s not easy to find a horror film that you can honestly say is creepy today. While any horror film can add soundtracks to make you jump or even feel a little scared due to the overall theme, being able to genuinely be considered a creepy horror movie takes some discernible effort to produce. Your everyday standard horror movie can work to touch your fears. Take the movie It, if you have a fear of clowns, It may be the kind of movie that makes you sweat or makes you scream anytime something makes a noise in the theater. For those who don’t have a fear of clowns however, watching It was more of a slight thriller and even a dark comedic drama.

Those of us who really love true horror know that creepiness is not an easy thing to score and is lacking in many of the top horror films in recent years. Cracks is a film that exudes creepiness and while basing this solely from the teaser trailer that debuted in July, horror fans can expect to see plenty of creepy scenes as we sit on the edge of our seats and wish that we could bury ourselves under the blankets on our bed to ensure our feet don’t hang out where the monsters can grab them. If the filmmakers can pull off the creepiness that fans want, Cracks may just become one of the best Indie horrors of the year.  


Cracks is expected to wrap filming soon and plans are in motion for the film to debut in Greenville, South Carolina later this year. The filmmakers are promising it will bring true fright with a unique blend of horror to the screen.


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