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Kicking off the Christmas fundraiser

In 2014, I started a Christmas fundraiser to help working families who could not afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children. This started because there was a year when I myself struggled horribly and had it not been for the help of some very dear friends, my own children would have had a very bleak Christmas. Friends however came together, and they worked their magic to make sure my children never even had to face the fact that their single parent was struggling beyond belief.

I made a promise to myself that Christmas that I was going to pay it forward as soon as I got my financial affairs in order, and by the next Christmas, I was able to do that.

The first year, I started with just a few families and with the help of friends, we kept the Spirit of Christmas alive by providing gifts for all the children as well as new clothes and coats, shoes and even pajamas and something small for the parents. One of the families even received a new television because they had to sell theirs to pay their electric bill.

The next few years, the number of families increased, and I also decided to start providing not only the gifts and clothing, but also Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for each family.

The families are chosen each year by referrals from people that I know who know a family in need. They must be local as I deliver everything in person. I also meet with the family to go over their income, bills and to make sure they do not receive help from programs like the Angel Tree or Toys for Tots. A big condition of helping them is that one or both parents must have a job.

I try to help families who are working hard but just cannot afford Christmas just as I was when I needed help from my own friends. The last two years, I chose a few too many families and trust me when I say, I cut it close when trying to ensure everyone got what they needed!

This year, I narrowed the list down to five families only. I wish more could be helped but it just is not possible.

For those who are familiar with the Christmas fundraiser, I do hope you will help again this year!

Here are the families that have been chosen and the wish lists and sizes of the children!


Two parents and three children

Child 1-Boy- Age 12-Clothing Size 12 Husky Boys Shirts and Pants- Size 7 shoes

Wish List: Basketball-Football-New BMX Bicycle

Child 2– Boy- Age 15-Clothing size Men’s medium shirts-28 pants-Size 11 men’s shoes

Wish List: Xbox gift card or Walmart gift card-Hoodies

Child 3– Girl- Age 9-Clothing size 10 girls’ shirt and pants- Size 13 girls’ shoes

Wish List- Shopkins-Calico Critters-My Little Pony

Mom-Size 2XL Large Women’s pajamas

Dad-Size 3XL Men’s Pajamas


Mom and two children

Child 1-Girl- Age 5-Clothing Size girls’ size 4-5 shirt/pants and Shoes size 7 girls

Wish List: Disney Princess dolls-hair bows (loves big bows) and pretend cooking toys

Child 2-Girl- Age 7-Clothing size Girls 8 shirts and pants and Shoes size 9 girls

Wish List: Art supplies, canvas, acrylic paint, markers, paintbrushes

Mom- Size Medium pajamas


Dad and Mom and two children

Child 1- Boy- Age 16-Clothing Size- Men’s Large shirts, size 32/30 pants and Men’s shoes size 13

Wish List-PlayStation Gaming System and game, Gift card

Child 2-Girl- Age 13- Size 3 women’s jeans-size Small women’s shirts-Size 6 women’s shoes

Wish List: Skinny jeans, crop top shirts, lip gloss, hair ties, art supplies

Mom-Size small women’s pajamas

Dad-Size XL men’s pajamas


Mom and four children

Child 1- Boy- Age 17- Men’s 2XL Shirts, XL Sweatpants- Men’s shoes size 14

Wish List- Clothing and hoodies

Child 2- Boy- Age 7- Girls size 8 Clothing and Size 7 girls’ shoes

Wish list- barbie dolls, teddy bears, unicorns, coloring books and crayons and markers

Child 3- Girl- Age 14- Size 2 women’s jeans, size medium women’s shirts, Size 7 women’s shoes

Wish List: Karaoke machine, tv for her room, laptop for school

Child 4-Girl- Age 16- Size 3 women’s jeans, size medium women’s shirts, Size 7 women’s shoes

Wish List: Starbucks gift cards, earrings, makeup kits, lotions

Mom– Size 3XL women’s pajamas


Grandmother and two children

Child 1- Girl- Age 11-Size 1 women’s jeans- Size small women’s shirts-Size 6.5 women’s shoes

Wish List: makeup kits, nail art set, jewelry making kits, pedicure/manicure gift card

Child 2- Boy- Age 13-Size 14 boys’ pants- Size 14 or Large Boys shirt- Size 8 men’s shoes

Wish list: Skateboard, Keyboard, Headphones or earbuds, Camera

Grandmother: Size Large women’s pajamas


We also need groceries for the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and cleaning supplies!

If you can help with groceries or with gift cards to purchase groceries, that would be wonderful!

Here is the grocery list:

5 turkeys

5 hams

25 cans green beans

30 boxes stuffing mix

25 cans corn

10 cans yams

5 pecan pies

5 pumpkin pies

5 tubs cool whip

10 packages dinner rolls

5 tubs butter

10 gallons milk

5 Aluminum roasting pans

5 rolls aluminum foil

5 boxes tea bags

5 bags sugar

10 dozen donuts for breakfast

5 gallons orange juice

5 packages of turkey gravy

10 cases of bottled water

5 packs of paper towels

5 big bottles laundry detergent

5 bottles dish soap

5 packs of sponges

5 mops

5 brooms

5 boxes of Hefty trash bags

10 bottles shampoo

10 bottles conditioner

5 large packs of bath soap (Dove, Coast or Ivory)

5 large packs of toilet paper

5 laundry baskets (We pack the cleaning supplies inside the baskets)

All gifts, cash donations and gift cards need to be turned in by or before November 30 to ensure everything is purchased and can be delivered to the families prior to Christmas break so the parents can get everything hidden from the children before Christmas.

We need 13 stockings and small toys and candy to fill them!

Thank you to everyone who helps every year and to those who are new to this and will help this year!

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season!

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