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It’s More Than Motor Work at Downtown Elizabethton’s B&T Auto Repair

When you think about downtown, you probably envision quaint little sidewalk cafés and coffee shops, shopping for one of a kind clothing at small, locally owned boutiques or searching for a rare find at a centuries old antique shop. One of the goals for those who want to see downtown Elizabethton grow and thrive is to showcase some of the great small businesses we have. While downtown Elizabethton certainly has some of the best shopping venues as well as cafe’s and coffee shops in town, the downtown also features a great little auto repair shop right in the heart of downtown.

Opened 12 years ago by Troy Cook, who took the last bit of cash in his wallet along with a van he sold, B&T Automotive Repair is an auto repair shop very similar to any other shop you might take your vehicle to for a brake job or to have a tune-up, but unlike some of the bigger shops you’ll see across the state, B&T Auto is one of those places that makes you feel right at home.

The owner, Troy Cook, is a person who cares about his customers and while he enjoys making money and paying the bills just like we all do, he also wants to make sure that every car he services is safe to drive and that he charges a fair price for the repair work. All too often in this day and age, you see repair shops who go by the book when it comes to charging a customer a rate for service and whether the mechanic spends a few minutes or several hours on a job, many companies today will overcharge for even a simple service.

Photo Credit: Facebook (Troy Cook at B&T Automotive Repair)

Cook not only charges a fair price for his auto repair work, but occasionally, he even tosses in a free oil change or some other service just to make sure his customer is happy.

When asked how he can perform services without charging more than he does, Cook replied with,

” I’ve got a lot of trust in people and sometimes that gets me in trouble (financially) but on the other hand, I’d rather that trust get me in trouble than to see somebody lose their life over something faulty on their car.”

When Cook first opened his doors twelve years ago, he placed a full-page ad in the Elizabethton Star Newspaper, and through that and word of mouth from satisfied customers, his business has grown well over the years. While he has slow days just like any other business owner, especially near the holidays, he makes up for that in the spring and summer when people are steadily pouring in to have their car serviced for those spring break beach trips and summer family vacations.

Photo Credit: Angela Caito (Outside of B&T Automotive Repair in downtown Elizabethton, TN)

Cook said that the best thing about having his auto repair shop in downtown Elizabethton is his customers. Many of his customers are older and when they come in, Cook says they often know exactly what they want, and they have been visiting his shop long enough to know they can trust him to fix their car for them.

Nothing beats trust when it comes to a reliable auto repair shop, and if you need repair work done in the downtown area of Elizabethton, be sure to check out B&T Auto and Mr. Troy Cook. Whether you have a minor repair or a major overhaul, the conversation you’re going to get makes time spent in his shop well worth the visit.

To schedule repair services at B&T Auto Repair in downtown Elizabethton:

114 S Lynn Ave

Elizabethton, TN 37643

Phone: (423) 543-5998

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