Big Ideas That Will Change Your Backyard Landscape

When it comes to updating and taking care of your landscape, it’s important to consider a variety of different methods that can result in different aesthetic appeal. Sometimes it can be easy to focus solely on some of the smaller minutiae of gardening without thinking about the overarching approach. But thinking about the overarching approach can help you more efficiently get to your garden’s end goal.

Garden Minimalism

Garden minimalism is an approach to gardening that values and prioritizes simplicity. Choosing to approach gardening with this minimalist perspective can be a good idea if you prefer gardening that requires less involvement and maintenance.

Hallmarks of garden minimalism include a backyard structure defined by clean lines. In this form of garden, the plants fit into the architectural scheme and serve to complement and build upon that structure. Typically, a minimal garden is full of monochromatic plants in order to create a peaceful environment.


Rewilding is another approach to gardening that involves letting plants grow naturally or wildly without letting them take over. Rewilding has many benefits for both the environment and for positive natural wildlife.

By eliminating certain chemicals from your gardening regime, you’ll be able to encourage helpful insects to come back. For example, pesticides can harm honeybee populations in your backyard. But eliminating those pesticides and cultivating plants that attract bees can help them play a more active role in pollinating plants which in turn will help your garden grow better.


Another approach to gardening that can reap positive benefits is permaculture. Permaculture is similar to rewilding in that it involves eliminating unnatural pesticides and encourages natural wildlife to return to the area. But it differs from typical rewilding in that its goal is centered on producing a harvest.

This method can be a great option for you if you want to be able to grow vegetables and fruit as opposed to simply flowers and other plants. When it comes to doing permaculture, you’ll typically mulch the area, plant a variety of different plants that grow well in the type of climate in which you live, and then let those plants develop naturally without pesticides.

Planning your backyard can be overwhelming. With so many different factors to think about, it can be difficult to know where to start. But before you dive into selecting plants and picking a design, think about the overall feel you want and then go from there.

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